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Generate tweets based on account's tone and topic.
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AI Tweet Generator by Tweet Hunter is an AI-powered tweet generator that allows users to create tweets with the same tone and topic as any Twitter account.

The tool allows users to select from a list of popular Twitter accounts and then generate tweets with the same style and content.

Once the user has selected an account, they can input any Twitter account and the AI will write like them.

It is free to use and allows users to easily create tweets that are similar to those of their chosen Twitter account. With this AI Tweet Generator, users can generate unique and interesting tweets while maintaining the same style and tone as the original Twitter account.

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Oct 2, 2023
Limited tweets and it doesn´t make sense

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AI Tweet Generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 16th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates account-specific tweets
Provides content inspiration
Offers scheduling feature
Includes automation capabilities
Provides analytics
CRM feature included
Free to use
Generates unique content
Maintains original account's style
User-friendly interface
Multiple account choice
Post directly on Twitter
Drives more opportunities
Watertight community engagement
Regularly updated


Limited style adaptation
No customisation features
Lacks multilingual support
No draft review process
Limited popular Twitter list
No real-time generation
No direct posting
No sentiment analysis
Potential for plagiarism
Lacks detailed analytics


What is Tweet Hunter?
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Does Tweet Hunter only work with popular Twitter accounts?
Can I input any Twitter account into Tweet Hunter?
What additional features does Tweet Hunter offer besides tweet generation?
Is Tweet Hunter free to use?
Can Tweet Hunter be used for scheduling tweets?
Does Tweet Hunter offer CRM features?
How does the automation feature work in Tweet Hunter?
Can I get content inspiration from Tweet Hunter?
Is Tweet Hunter useful for analytics purposes?
Can Tweet Hunter help drive more opportunities from Twitter?
Does Tweet Hunter store the last generated tweets?
Is Tweet Hunter affiliated with Twitter?
Can Tweet Hunter generate tweets in any language?
Are there any limitations on generating tweets with Tweet Hunter?
Can I edit the generated tweets before posting from Tweet Hunter?
How can Tweet Hunter help me improve my Twitter engagement?


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