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Twitter content creation & analytics solution.
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Typefully is an AI-powered tool designed to help users create, schedule, and publish engaging Twitter tweets and threads. With a focus on improving tweet quality and growing followers, Typefully offers features such as AI-generated suggestions, tweet ideas, and rewrites.

Users can leverage the tool's analytics and metrics to track engagement, make informed content decisions, and accelerate audience growth.In addition to its Twitter capabilities, Typefully allows users to cross-post their content on LinkedIn, expanding their reach on multiple platforms.

The tool also offers the ability to transform tweets and threads into shareable social blog pages, giving content a longer lifespan and potential for viral distribution.Collaboration features are available for teams, enabling users to write, edit, and track tweets together.

Users can share drafts, brainstorm ideas, and receive feedback from teammates before publishing. Access controls let users determine who can view, edit, or publish their drafts.Typefully offers integration with Zapier, allowing users to create automated workflows without any coding knowledge.

With these integrations, users can sync their drafts with various tools and platforms, such as Slack, RSS feeds, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more.The tool also provides a free plan to get started, giving users the opportunity to experience its features without financial commitment.

Typefully has garnered positive feedback from a diverse group of creators and teams who appreciate its ease of use, distraction-free writing environment, and native image editing capabilities.


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Typefully was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Creates Twitter content
Schedules tweets
Publishes tweets
Generates tweet ideas
Rewrites tweets
Offers analytics
Track engagement
Make informed content decisions
Accelerate audience growth
Cross-post on LinkedIn
Transform tweets into blog pages
Collaboration features
Share drafts
Brainstorm ideas
Receive feedback
Access controls
Zapier integration
Automated workflows without coding
Sync drafts with tools
Slack integration
RSS feeds integration
Google Docs integration
Google Sheets integration
Provides a free plan
Positive user feedback
Distraction-free writing environment
Native image editing
Auto-Split Text in Tweets
Thread Finisher
Tweet Numbering
Connect Multiple Accounts
Automatic Backups
Dark Mode
Keyboard Shortcuts
Daily inspiration prompts
User content examples
Analytics on tweet performance
Automated retweets
Control user access
Automated workflows with Zapier
Social blog creation
Performance analytics
Scheduled content queue
Create drafts for items
Team collaboration
Generates tweets from RSS
Scheduled drafts from Google Docs
Email notifications for published threads
New follower acknowledgement with a tweet


Limited to Twitter and LinkedIn
No native mobile application
Limited Analytics Scope
No multi-language support
Only Zapier integrations
Limited collaboration features
No real-time engagement tracking
No dark mode toggle
Absence of API access


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What special features does Typefully have for content creators?


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