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Twitter summary via keywords, hashtags, and @usernames.
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TweetSift is an AI-powered tool for quickly summarizing tweets in one sentence. It allows users to search tweets by keywords, hashtags, and @usernames, making it easy to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news and trends from Twitter without ever having to use the platform itself.

The tool also features an API, allowing developers to request summaries using the API and resell the services. Pricing is pre-paid and consists of packages ranging from $18 for 100 monthly API calls to $100 for unlimited monthly API calls.

With TweetSift, users can save time and stay informed without ever using Twitter.


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Tweetsift was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick tweet summarization
Keyword, hashtag, @username search
API for developers
API services reselling
Pre-paid pricing
Flexible packages for API calls
No need for Twitter platform
Time efficient
Keeps you updated with trends
No software installation required
Unlimited API calls option
Helps in research and writing


Limited to Twitter content
No subscription based pricing
No free trial given
No desktop app available
No mention of user support
Limited languages support
Unclear refund policy
Only prepaid credits available
No off-platform usability
No curation or follow-up features


What is TweetSift?
How does TweetSift generate tweet summaries?
Can I search for specific tweets on TweetSift using keywords or hashtags?
How does TweetSift's API work?
What can I do with TweetSift's API?
Does TweetSift work without using the Twitter platform?
How does TweetSift help me stay informed about trends on Twitter?
Does TweetSift offer unlimited use of its API?
How much does TweetSift cost?
What is the difference between TweetSift's package options?
Can I resell services acquired from TweetSift?
Are subscriptions necessary for TweetSift or is it pre-paid?
Which package offers the most value for high volume users?
How many tweets can TweetSift summarize at once?
Does TweetSift provide a one-sentence summary for each tweet?
How can TweetSift save me time while using Twitter?
Can I sign up for TweetSift online?
Is TweetSift useful for someone who doesn't use Twitter?
Are there any software requirements to use TweetSift's API?
What type of support is available if I face issues using TweetSift?


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