Tweeting 17 Jan 2023
Generate personalized Twitter content.

Generated by ChatGPT

TweetMe is an AI-powered tool that allows users to generate personalized tweets like their own writing style. It is a no-code platform that offers a quick and easy way to create tweets without relying on generic models for high-quality content.

Instead, TweetMe generates tweets based on the user's past tweets and trained on GPT-3. The tool operates in three simple steps, starting with linking the platform to the user's Twitter account and OpenAI account.

Next, TweetMe fetches approximately 250 recent tweets from the user to create a personalized model that generates new tweets. Finally, users can approve and push tweets to their Twitter account, or make modifications before tweeting.

TweetMe offers a free starter plan that includes 10 AI-written tweets generated based on the user's past 250 tweets. After the free plan, users can opt for an unlimited plan that offers an unlimited number of AI-written tweets based on their previous tweets for a fixed price.

TweetMe is useful for individuals or companies looking to automate and streamline the tweet-writing process, although it is not clear if the tool can generate tweets based on specific keywords or hashtags.


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