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Postwise is a powerful AI-based Twitter management tool designed to help users write, schedule, and grow their presence on the platform. The AI Tweet Writer feature allows users to quickly craft engaging tweets that are tailored to their brand and message.

The AI Twitter Thread Writer helps users craft engaging threads that draw attention and encourage followers. Other features include Growth Tools which help users increase their followers, and the GhostWriter® feature which allows users to autopost content from other sources.

Postwise also offers transparent pricing plans and a free trial so users can test the features and see how they can benefit from the tool. Postwise is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get more out of their Twitter presence.


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Jan 27, 2024
I really like Postwise. I use it. I pay for it. It schedules my tweets and linkedin posts. It gives me good content. I used this the most out of anything.

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Postwise was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 13th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Growth Tools for followers
GhostWriter® feature for autopost
Transparent pricing plans
Free trial available
Autosend DMs
Engineered for engagement
Optimized for sales
Plug links ability
Retweet winning content
Unlimited account allowance
6 Month scheduling
Unlimited scheduling for Boss plan
Advanced Twitter management
Affiliate program availability
Single topic turn into tweets
Handles post scheduling
One week free trial


Limited to Twitter only
No multi-language support
No API for integrations
No mobile app version
No sentiment analysis
Pricing can be expensive
No collaborative features
No hashtag analytics
No customer profiling


What is Postwise?
How does the AI Tweet Writer feature work?
What is the AI Twitter Thread Writer feature?
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How much does Postwise cost?
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How can Postwise help grow my Twitter presence?
What is the maximum number of tweets I can schedule with Postwise?
Can Postwise manage multiple Twitter accounts?
How does Postwise's tweet scheduling work?
How does Postwise help in writing engaging content?
How are the tweets generated by Postwise's AI tailored to my brand?
What is the 20,000 AI Credits in the BOSS Plan?
What are the benefits of using Postwise for my business?
Can Postwise help me go viral on Twitter?
How can Postwise save me time with my Twitter posts?
Can I use Postwise if I have writers block?
Does Postwise offer an affiliate program?
Are there any guides on how to use Postwise more efficiently?


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