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Assisted Twitter users create engaging tweets/replies.
Generated by ChatGPT

Tweet Assist is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps Twitter users craft engaging tweets and replies. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology to generate content based on the topics of the user’s choosing.

Tweet Assist never automatically posts anything, giving the user complete control over what is published. It provides tweet ideas to help users get started, and users can also choose from existing tones or create their own.

There is a free version that allows 10 tweet/reply generations, and different plans tailored to meet varying needs. It is important to be responsible when using the tool – it should be used as a tool and not as a replacement for the user’s own content, and the AI-generated content should be personalized and customized to the user’s own voice and personality.


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Tweet Assist App was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Optimized for Chrome
GPT-3 powered content
User controls publication
Assists tweet and reply creation
Provides tweet ideas
Supports custom tone creation
Free version available
Multiple plans for different needs
Promotes responsible usage
Helps express opinion instantly
Generates tweet recommendations
Promotes user authenticity
Integrated inside Twitter
Content review and editing
Allows voice customization
Developed by UbiqApps
Supports tone customization
Created by @therajatkapoor
Special limited lifetime deal
Discount code LIFETIME50 available
Assists in avoiding Twitter violations


Chrome extension limited
Limited free service
No automatic tweets/replies
Limited pre-existing tones
Doesn't prevent Terms of Service violations
Does not automatically publish
No native app
Manual customization required


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What are the features of the free version of Tweet Assist?
Are there different plans available for Tweet Assist?
How can I make responsible use of Tweet Assist?
Can Tweet Assist replace my own content creation?
How can I add the Tweet Assist extension to my Chrome browser?
How can I sign in to Tweet Assist?
What are the tweet/reply request limits in the free version of Tweet Assist?
I want to try Tweet Assist for free, how can I do that?
Does Tweet Assist provide recommendations for tweets?
What restrictions are placed on the content generated by Tweet Assist?
What is the 'Lifetime Deal' offered by Tweet Assist?
Where can I get my own Open AI API key for Tweet Assist?
How can I customize the AI-generated content in Tweet Assist?
Can Tweet Assist help me reply to my followers instantly?


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