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Crafting engaging tweets from long texts
GPT welcome message: Hello! Provide a long text for tweet conversion. Specify a style or hashtags if desired.
Sample prompts:
Style: Humorous
Style: Informative
Style: Formal
Style: Sarcastic
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Tweet Genius is a specialized GPT designed by MILLERIOTECH S.R.L. that focuses on transforming lengthy texts into concise and engaging tweets. Its primary function is to condense detailed information into a tweet-sized format, which is particularly useful for summarizing extensive content, news articles, or blog posts for quick and easy sharing on social media platforms.

The tool is designed to craft tweets that preserve key points from the input text and present them in an appealing manner. Notably, it also gives users the flexibility to specify if they want to include hashtags in their resultant tweets.

Moreover, Tweet Genius conveys the adapted content in a caveat of styles as per user selection. This includes a humorous style, an informative style, a formal style, or a sarcastic style enhancing its versatility.

In this way, users can tailor the tone of their tweets to match their communication strategy or personal style. This GPT operates on the premise of ChatGPT Plus, meaning users would need access to the ChatGPT Plus platform to capitalize on the functionality offered by Tweet Genius.

It is a user-focused tool designed to make sharing information on social media more efficient and effective.


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Tweet Genius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2023.
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