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Tweet generator for tech influencers.
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Graham.AI is a tech tweet generator created by Orel Biton and Ariel Verber. It is a tool designed to help tech influencers create tweets quickly and accurately.

The tool uses AI to generate tweets based on a chosen topic. It offers a wide range of topics from Elon Musk buying Twitter to AI taking over, as well as topics specific to tech influencers such as co-founders, raising money, and startup ideas.

The tool is able to generate tweets that are relevant to the topic and that sound like they were written by a tech influencer. The tool also offers the option to contact the creators and to support them with a donation.

Graham.AI provides an easy to use and effective solution for tech influencers who are looking to create engaging tweets quickly and accurately.


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Graham AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates tweets quickly
Wide range of topics
Relevant tweet generation
Easy to use
Creates engaging tweets
Option to contact creators
Option to support creators
Specifically for tech influencers
Tweets sound authentic
Helps with Twitter interaction
Automation of tweet creation
Facilitates consistent Twitter presence
Speeds up social media process
Saves time on content creation
Inspires tweet ideas
User-friendly interface
Supports creators' community
Optimized for tech topics


Limited to tech topics
No API access
Limited customization
Cannot create threaded tweets
No multi-lingual support
No scheduling function
Non-editable generated tweets
Not open source
No analytics or insights
No bulk tweeting


What is Graham AI?
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How can I support the creators of Graham AI?
Is Graham AI easy to use?
How quickly can Graham AI generate a tweet?
Can Graham AI make a tweet sound like it was written by a tech influencer?
Can Graham AI generate tweets about Elon Musk buying Twitter?
Can Graham AI generate tweets about startups?
Is the content generated by Graham AI relevant to the chosen topic?
Can Graham AI generate tweets about co-founders?
Can Graham AI generate tweets about raising money?
Can Graham AI create tweets about 'The Metaverse' topic?
What if I need a tweet on a topic not listed in Graham AI?
Can Graham AI generate a tweet about AI technology taking over?
Does Graham AI have a donation option to support its creators?
What type of tweets can Graham AI generate about 'Dating'?


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