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Generate Twitter posts by selecting topics.
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aiComment is a Chrome extension that generates tweets instantly using OpenAI API. With aiComment, users can create engaging tweets to enhance their Twitter experience without the hassle of brainstorming and researching.

The tool generates tweets based on popular and trending topics and allows users to select specific topics or reactions to generate tweets. However, aiComment currently does not offer the feature of customizing tweets to fit a specific brand’s tone and voice.

Users can also preview generated tweets before posting and edit them to suit their preferences. Although users can generate up to 200 tweets per day, this feature depends on the subscription plan they are using.

The basic plan costs $7/month, while the plan that offers 200 tweets per day for promotions costs $15/month. aiComment is useful for Twitter active users that want to save time on brainstorming tweets, including influencers, bloggers, brand ambassadors, social media managers, content managers, and copywriters.

The tool eliminates the pain of creating quality tweets, boosts Twitter growth, and helps users keep their audience engaged with new discussions and comments effortlessly.

aiComment is available for free trial with no credit card required, and the company currently does not collect or use any information about users' communication in Twitter.

AiComment was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates tweets instantly
Chrome extension integration
Based on popular topics
Allows topic selection
Tweet previewing feature
Editable tweet feature
Up to 200 tweets/day
Multiple subscription plans
Boosts Twitter growth
Engages audiences
For diverse user groups
Doesn't require credit card
Free trial available
User's data isn't used
Twitter promotion assistance
Various types of reactions
Easily accessible via Chrome Web Store
Creates tweets for product promotion
Specializes in Twitter-focused functions
No processing of users' tweets


Only available as Chrome extension
Not customizable for brand tone
Limited to 200 tweets/day
Pricey for higher tweet limit
No customization for specific industries
Unavailable feature of relevant replies
Doesn’t process historical tweeting data


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How much does the basic aiComment plan cost?
Will aiComment keep my Twitter account safe?
Can aiComment generate product promotional tweets or only trending topics?
Do I have to use a credit card to start the free trial of aiComment?
Will aiComment gather information about my tweets?
Can I preview the generated tweets before posting?
Do I have the ability to edit the tweets generated by aiComment?
Do professional users find aiComment useful?
Can I use aiComment if I'm not an active Twitter user?
Where can I download the aiComment extension?
If I subscribe to the promotional plan, how many tweets can I generate per day?
Is there a limit to the topics I can select for generating tweets in aiComment?
Is there an annual subscription plan for aiComment or only monthly?
Does aiComment help with audience engagement on Twitter?


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