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Automated Twitter scheduling and management.
Generated by ChatGPT

Cocoleco is an AI-powered Twitter management tool designed to help individuals and businesses increase engagement and save time. The platform generates tweets using AI that are tailored to your audience, making it easier to streamline your social media game.

Cocoleco comes with an easy approval process, allowing you to accept or reject tweets with a single click. With automatic publishing, Cocoleco automatically publishes tweets to your Twitter account, taking off the burden of manually posting.

Cocoleco also offers a performance analytics dashboard, allowing you to track the performance of your tweets. The pricing structure includes a free plan that allows users to generate five tweets per month, while the Startup plan includes thirty tweets per month and costs $5, with a 50% off discount for new users.

The Enterprise plan does not have a specified price and is tailored to your individual needs. Cocoleco does not boast about providing guarantees for engagement or followers, nor does it promise to provide a complete AI-driven social media strategy.

Instead, Cocoleco focuses on providing its users with a straightforward, streamlined AI-powered tool that generates tweets based on the audience's interest and behavior.

The user-friendly interface and the automation feature will save users a considerable amount of time and, coupled with the analytics dashboard, help them track their Twitter engagement.


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Cocoleco was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated Twitter scheduling
Easy approval process
Automatic publishing capability
Performance analytics dashboard
Affordable pricing structure
Free plan option
Audience-tailored content
Single click tweet approval
Time-saving tool
Start-up and enterprise options
Discount offers for new users
Unspecified tweet volume for enterprises
User-friendly interface
Tweet generation based on audience behavior


Limited free plan
No engagement guarantees
No full social media strategy
No image tweeting feature
Analytics feature pending
Customized pricing not transparent
Only for Twitter
Low tweet frequency


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Is the Startup plan of Cocoleco available at discounted prices for new users?
What does the Enterprise plan of Cocoleco offer?
Does Cocoleco offer guarantees for Twitter engagement?
Can Cocoleco help me develop a complete AI-driven social media strategy?
How much time can I save by using Cocoleco?
Who can use Cocoleco?
Is the Cocoleco AI tool also designed for businesses?
What is the notable feature of Cocoleco as mentioned in its description?
Will Cocoleco Tweeting Automated help me increase my twitter engagement?
Does the Cocoleco performance analytics dashboard come with the free plan?
Can Cocoleco generate tweets based on the audience's interest and behavior?


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