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Webtastic creates AI Sales Agents. Cara is specialized in Outbound B2B Sales
Generated by ChatGPT
Cara searches LinkedIn, Apollo and 50 more data sources for ICP leads in buying mode. Next she uses ChatGPT to write hyper personalized emails. Next she uses your gMail or Outlook account to send them emails.

Employ Cara in three steps.

1. Hire. Tell Cara about your business, your ideal customer profile, and your preferred communication style.
2. Train. Work with Cara by reviewing the leads she finds and the outbound messaging she ghostwrites for you. Once you're on the same page, you can ask her to work autonomously.
3. Convert. Cara learns from every interaction, making your campaigns not only generate more meetings, but also the right ones, at scale.

Cara sends the right message, to the right person, at the right time, on autopilot. Cara automates your outbound sales process, from researching and identifying the right people, to ghostwriting the highest-converting 1:1 personalized outbound messages, sent at the right time.

1. Prospecting. Cara scans over 50 B2B data sources (eg. Apollo, Hunter, LinkedIn) to help you find ICP leads in buying mode. She has access to over 275M people.
2. Research. Next, Cara conducts detailed research on prospects she found for you and triple-verifies the contact details.
3. Outreach. Cara ghostwrites 1:1 hyper-personalized messages for each prospect and sends them at the time they are most likely to engage.
4. Autopilot. Once trained and switched to autonomous mode, Cara consistently works 24/7, meeting the sales quota set by you.

Cara accesses all the data in one consolidated place.

1. Data Aggregation. Cara works with Webtastic AI Nexus, which autonomously indexes web data, social media, news, interviews, and podcasts, and integrates with over 50 B2B data providers, including LinkedIn, Apollo, and Google.
2. Single Subscription. With Cara accessing the precise data you need, there's no need for subscriptions to multiple costly data providers or worries about missing out on any other tools.

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Pros and Cons


Premium lead generation
Purchase intent signal usage
Distinctive, up-to-date dataset
Unique buying signals filters
Accurate contact details
Uncovered technology information
Funding round details
Social media performance metrics
500+ trusted businesses
Detailed company information
Seamlessly integrates with CRM
Competitive pricing
Unlimited access plan
90+ data points per company
Export all leads (CSV)
Available website screenshots
Locates high-quality leads
Rapid client conversion
Website tech identification
Social media profile acquisition
CRM integration for lead tracking
Simple pricing with unlimited access
Filter leads by tech usage
Filter leads by advertising tech
Social media metrics for leads
Provides employee headcount data
Reveals recent ads activity
Filtering by company speciality
High return on investment (ROI)
Locates leads' funding activity
Company location provided
Increase businesses' productivity
Email addresses and LinkedIn profiles
Reveals industries and specialties of leads
Useful for agencies, freelancers, consultants
Daily and weekly updated data
Lead list refreshes frequently
Proprietary tech for web analysis
Export leads to CSV format
Detailed company description and taglines
Hosts several technologies and industries
Offers easy company reimbursement
Detailed social media analytics
Provides website landing page tools
Website tracking pixels information
Reveals ad tags usage
Conversion tracking tools data
Attribution analytics integration
Lead fraud detection tools


No yearly plan
No reselling of leads
Cannot buy entire database
Data freshness varies
Unclear data sources
Limited CRM integration information
One price point only


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What kind of data can I expect from leads?
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What social media performance metrics does Cara by Webtastic AIprovide?
How can I integrate with my CRM system?
What is the pricing model of
What are the web technologies helps to identify?
What kind of advertising tech used by leads can Cara by Webtastic AIdiscover?
How current is the data provided by
How accurate are the contact details provided by
Can I filter leads based on their social media metrics in
What kind of companies does have on their platform?
Does offer seamless CRM integration?
What's covered in's unlimited access plan?
How can I export my leads from
Can I resell leads obtained from

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