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Business leads generation platform.
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Scalez is an AI-powered leads generation platform that aims to help businesses reach and close more deals on a global scale. It offers an innovative growth platform that eliminates the need for cold calling and ineffective marketing strategies by providing users with a flood of high-quality leads who are interested in connecting with their business.With Scalez, users can define their ideal leads by setting targeting criteria such as industry and location.

The platform then compiles tailored prospects for them. Users can explore a list of potential clients on platforms like LinkedIn and Enrich, and leverage Generative AI campaigns to enhance their outreach efforts.Armed with accurate information, Scalez enables users to close deals with confidence by providing hyper-targeted leads.

The tool allows users to scrape a vast amount of emails in a short period of time, saving them significant time and providing a competitive advantage in finding data from public records.Scalez offers all-in-one AI leads generation capabilities, making it a powerful solution for generating B2B hyper-targeted leads.

It provides various plans with different search and lead generation limits, catering to different business sizes.Additionally, Scalez offers the Scalez Hub, which includes free resources such as courses, templates, advanced AI prompts, worksheets, and scripts to further support users in their lead generation efforts.Overall, Scalez is a comprehensive AI leads generation platform that can help businesses of any size generate high-quality leads and close more deals.


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Scalez was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 9th 2023.
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