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Brand growth through customer-led creative optimization.
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Keplar is an AI-powered tool that provides unlimited customer access to help businesses achieve brand growth. It utilizes influencer audiences and 1st-party data to create interactive models of target customers, allowing businesses to deploy creatives faster and at startup speeds.

With Keplar, lean marketing teams can become customer-led creative powerhouses. The tool enables users to iterate on creative assets by creating customer-aligned text, image, and video assets with simulated customer feedback.

It also allows for testing multiple ideas at scale through simulated A/B tests, TURF tests, and Conjoint analysis.One of the key features of Keplar is its ability to help businesses reach new markets by discovering new audiences, influencers, and go-to-market strategies to increase product reach.

Additionally, Keplar enables businesses to compare their existing, aspirational, and competitor audiences, enabling them to offer more personalized and differentiated products, services, and messaging.By using Keplar, businesses can save time and money, allowing them to focus on building a brand that stands out.

It offers a new way to unlock creative and audience insights faster, helping teams maintain velocity at scale. Keplar is compatible with various platforms and has been trusted by leading consumer brands to incorporate customer voice into their innovation strategies.

Request early access to Keplar and leverage its technology, which learns from billions of data points across the social web, to revolutionize the design and marketing of consumer products.


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