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Synthetic Users is an AI tool that enables companies to conduct user research without the typical headaches associated with recruiting participants. The tool offers synthetic users, which are AI-driven virtual participants, to test products, ideas, and concepts.

The company claims that synthetic users enable teams to take decisions with confidence and access unique insights into their product's features, blockers, and target audiences.

The tool allows teams to set up and target specific audiences quickly, providing meaningful feedback that can fine-tune and segment product features. The synthetic users help teams uncover customer preferences, habits and navigate toward a winning concept for market validation.

The tool offers a free 30-day trial and a proprietary synthetic personas engine, supporting a large language model. Synthetic users are particularly useful for teams that are time and budget-constrained for user testing as they provide a unique overview of the product with periodic comparisons made with live user testing sessions.

The company states that their stack is fine-tuned to provide deep insight into market dynamics and accelerate product-market fit. Overall, Synthetic Users simplifies the user research process and reduces the associated costs and timelines, enabling teams to make informed and data-driven decisions.


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Pros and Cons


Free 30-day trial
Quick setup
Target specific audiences
Meaningful feedback provider
Unveils customer preferences
Navigates towards winning concept
Compares with live sessions
Accelerates product-market fit
Reduces user research costs
Large language model support
Proprietary synthetic personas engine
Time-saving for user testing
Budget-friendly for user testing
Avoids respondent recruitment limitations
Unique product overview provision
Fine-tunes product features
Segments participants
Supports informed decision-making
Promotes data-driven decisions
Periodic comparison insights
Enables concept market validation
Optimizes product features and blockers


No live user interaction
Limited language models
Potentially skewed feedback
No disclosed security measures
Unclear price after trial
No API for integrations
No offline version
Limited customization options


What is Synthetic Users?
How does Synthetic Users assist with product research?
What are synthetic users in the context of product research?
Can Synthetic Users target specific audiences?
How can Synthetic Users aid in fine-tuning product features?
How does Synthetic Users acquire insights into customer preferences and habits?
How is Synthetic Users beneficial for teams with limited budget or time for user testing?
What are the benefits of the 30-day free trial offered by Synthetic Users?
Can Synthetic Users provide comparisons with live user testing sessions?
How does Synthetic Users contribute to accelerating product-market fit?
Does Synthetic Users provide a large language model support?
What is the proprietary synthetic personas engine offered by Synthetic Users?
How can Synthetic Users support in validating the market fit of a concept?
How does Synthetic Users contribute to reducing the cost and timeline of user research?
How do I join the Synthetic Users beta?
What are some of the success metrics that Synthetic Users can help increase?
How can I own my insights using Synthetic Users?
Can Synthetic Users provide deep insights into market dynamics?
Does Synthetic Users offer a segmenting option for participant testing?
What kind of feedback can I expect from Synthetic Users when testing my product with specific audiences?

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