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Fueling better product decisions with continuous user insights.
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Maze is a continuous product discovery platform powered by AI. The platform is designed to enhance product research workflow by delivering continuous user insights, thereby aiding in informed product decision-making and business growth.

An integral feature of Maze is its intuitive builder that enables the incorporation of AI-powered tools for effective product research throughout the development process.

Users can also leverage Maze's automated analytics to create customizable, visually-rich reports to facilitate quicker and more informed decisions. The platform offers various testing capabilities including Prototype Testing, Live Website Testing, and Feedback Surveys, among others.

With Maze, recruiting participants for research becomes simplified as it provides access to a global panel of participants. It also allows targeting specific user segments via in-product prompts, URL, or email campaigns.

Essential AI features like dynamic follow-up, contextual suggestions, and bias detection improve the precision and efficiency of your research. Maze also integrates with existing technology stacks, integrating seamlessly with tools like Figma, Sketch, and Amplitude.

For enhanced security, Maze provides enterprise-level protection including encrypted transmission of customer data, access control, and GDPR compliance among others.


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Pros and Cons


Continuous user insights delivery
Automated analytics for reports
Customizable, visually-rich reporting
Global participant access
Specific user segment targeting
Prototype, Live Website, Feedback Surveys Testing
Dynamic follow-up feature
Contextual suggestions
Bias detection
Integrations with Figma, Sketch, Amplitude
Enterprise-level data protection
Encrypted transmission of customer data
GDPR compliant
Access control
Intuitive builder for product research
Seamless tech stack integration
Automated visually-rich reports
Informed product decision-making
Workflow enhancement
Efficient recruitment of research participants
URL, Email targeting campaigns
In-product prompts
Tree testing
Participant Management
Automated Reports
Feedback and Satisfaction Resources
Path Analysis feature
Video Recording
Access Workspaces
Single Sign On (SSO) Access
Efficiency and Precision enhancement
Design Metrics feature
Heatmaps feature
Customizable templates gallery
Enterprise, Financial Services, Insurance, Tech & Software, Agencies features
Access to pre-built mazes
Integrations with existing tech stack
Continuous Product Discovery
Library of research templates
Panel of participants
Drag-and-drop builder
Data-informed decisions
Role-based workspace access


Doesn't support non-visual data
Limited integration options
Data only encrypted in-transit
No disclosure of storage location
Assumes universal participant availability
No real-time collaboration
Dependent on third-party platforms


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How does Maze facilitate feedback surveys?
What is Maze's approach to GDPR compliance?
How does Maze's intuitive builder work?
How can Maze help with targeting specific user segments?
What type of visual reports can Maze produce?
What is Maze's approach to bias detection in research?

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