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Generative AI for in-depth qualitative research.
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Research Goat is a generative AI-powered platform primarily designed for in-depth qualitative research. It enables users to transform their unanswered questions into a deep understanding, focusing on aiding them to understand their customer base better.

It operates at high speeds, completing field research within minutes and yielding results in a matter of hours. The platforms primary functionality revolves around the AI moderators that facilitate multilingual conversations across various geographies.

These AI moderators conduct interviews based on the questions and participant types defined by the users, making the process more efficient and comprehensive without the need for human interference during the interviews.

The AI-powered platform not only simplifies the research process but also reduces the cost significantly compared to traditional consumer research. Moreover, Research Goat's Gen-AI conducts dynamic, revelatory interviews with human research participants providing deeper insights and comprehensive analysis.Research Goat is flexible, catering to all types of teams, and provides a trial for users interested in exploring its capabilities.

Users can also stay updated with Research Goat's insights and news. Its website presents additional details about the platform, plans, contact information, and free scheduling for a demonstration.


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Research Goat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


In-depth qualitative research
Transforms questions into understanding
Fast operation speed
Completes research in minutes
Efficient process
No human interference
Significant cost reduction
Dynamic interviews with participants
Comprehensive research analysis
Flexible for all teams
Free trial available
Periodic news and insights
Demonstration available
Versatile for field research
Understands specific participant types
Automated interview process
Generates deeper insights
Caters to market research
Aids customer understanding
Research automation tool
Online demonstration scheduling
Useful for team collaboration
Offers different plans
Effective at analysis & insights
Supports research customization
Conversations across unlimited geographies
Significant savings in research
Focus on customer understanding
Ease of contact
Platform introduction via video
Constant platform updates
Integration with social networks
Easy accessibility through login
Incorporates user defined questions


Limited to qualitative research
Dependent on user-defined parameters
Risk of reduced human element
Limited trial availability
No offline functionality
Lack of direct human support
No iOS or Android app


What is the main purpose of Research Goat?
What is the primary functionality of the AI moderators in Research Goat?
How can Research Goat help me understand my customer base better?
How long does Research Goat take to complete field research and yield results?
Can the AI moderators of Research Goat facilitate multilingual conversations?
Do I need to interfere during the interviews conducted by Research Goat?
How does Research Goat reduce the cost compared to traditional consumer research?
What is Gen-AI in Research Goat?
Is Research Goat suitable for all types of teams?
How can I try Research Goat before making a decision?
Where can I stay updated with Research Goat's insights and news?
Is there a demonstration available for Research Goat?
What are the different plans available for Research Goat?
How does Research Goat enhance the efficiency of the research process?
Can Research Goat conduct interviews based on the questions and participant types defined by me?
Does the platform of Research Goat facilitate AI-powered interviews?
Can Research Goat conduct dynamic interviews with human research participants?
Does Research Goat provide comprehensive analysis and deeper insights?
Why is Research Goat described as a generative AI-powered platform?
How can I contact the Research Goat team?

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