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Get real consumer insights with Pollfish's survey tools.
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Pollfish Survey Tools is an online survey platform that enables businesses to gather insights from real consumers worldwide using a mobile-first approach.

The platform offers a wide array of tools for conducting surveys, including question templates, advanced questionnaire logic, and A/B testing. Its unique audience-targeting capability allows researchers to reach specific demographic and psychographic groups, ensuring more relevant data.

With a network of over millions of real consumers and thousands of app and website partners, Pollfish has the ability to deliver responses on a global scale.

Its commitment to quality is evident in its stringent quality assurance mechanisms aimed at eliminating survey fraud and ensuring reliable data. Users are also provided with round-the-clock support and translations of open-ended responses into US English for uniform analysis.

With intuitive survey creation and real-time results visibility, Pollfish emphasizes ease of use, encouraging both technical and non-technical team members to harness the power of market research.

Its technology includes a unique Random Device Engagement (RDE) approach to finding respondents and a focus on machine learning to maintain answer quality and reliability.


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Pros and Cons


Mobile-first approach
Question templates included
Advanced questionnaire logic
A/B testing capabilities
Unique audience-targeting capability
Supports demographic research
Supports psychographic research
Global response capability
Millions of real consumers
Strict quality assurance
24/7 support
Translation services included
Intuitive survey creation
Real-time results visibility
Non-technical team support
Random Device Engagement
Machine learning quality control
Survey fraud elimination
Reliable data output
250+ million respondents
140,000 app partners
Targeted globally to 160+ countries
Timely insight delivery
Quality check system
Global respondent support
Multi-language survey deployment
Uniform analysis support
User-friendly platform
Fast survey completion
Large network of partners
Granular demographic screening
Multi-audience feature
Detailed Survey templates
Cutting edge technology
Brand perception templates
Product concept testing
Logo testing capabilities
NPS surveys
Concept testing
Advertising testing
Granular Quota setting
Comprehensive language support
Countless iterations
Dynamic sampling
Agile data
Real-time feedback
24/7 customer support
DIY market research
Broadest distribution network


Mobile-first may limit desktop interaction
Absence of free version
Translation limited to US English
No specified data encryption
Limited customization options
No document upload capability
Absence of white label options
Potential bias with RDE approach
Lack of explicit API support
Limited integrations with other platforms


What is Pollfish Survey Tools?
How does Pollfish's mobile-first approach enhance the survey experience?
What kind of tools are provided by Pollfish for creating surveys?
Can Pollfish Survey Tools help target specific demographic and psychographic groups?
How large is the network of consumers and partners with Pollfish?
How does Pollfish ensure the quality of survey data?
What support and services does Pollfish offer to its users?
What is Pollfish's Random Device Engagement (RDE) approach?
How does Pollfish's machine learning technology improve the quality and reliability of answers?
What are some unique features of Pollfish's survey creation process?
How can Pollfish's tools be used effectively by non-technical team members?
How do I use A/B testing on Pollfish?
What does 'real-time results visibility' mean in Pollfish?
What kinds of research can Pollfish be used for?
What steps does Pollfish take towards eliminating survey fraud?
What translations are provided with Pollfish's services?
How does Pollfish ensure data reliability?
How can Pollfish help me target the right audience for my surveys?
What is meant by 'uniform analysis' in the context of Pollfish's services?
How is Pollfish making market research more accessible and intuitive?

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