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Product research without users, 300x cheaper!
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with product research without the need for actual users. It employs AI-driven respondents to collect and analyze data, enabling quicker insights and smarter decision making.

The tool aims to notably speed up research, as instant AI responses allow for swift data collection and analysis. By using AI respondents, helps to dramatically reduce research expenses by eliminating costs associated with user recruitment. also stands out for its emphasis on accuracy, utilizing AI-powered responses to obtain precise and unbiased insights. This approach frees the collected data from human error and subjective biases often inherent in manually conducted research.

The platform includes features for conducting surveys and interviews and offers access to a varying number of respondents. Moreover, advanced packages offer additional features such as card sorting interviews and A/B testing studies.

This tool is suitable for all sizes of companies, offering different packages tailored towards the needs of starters, mid-sized companies, and large firms.'s vision is to empower research with efficient, accurate, and cost-effective approaches, redefining the future of market research.


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Pros and Cons


Product research without users
Dramatically reduces research expenses
Eliminates costs of user recruitment
Emphasis on accuracy
Provides unbiased insights
Speeds up research
Includes surveys and interviews features
Offers card sorting interviews
Offers A/B testing studies
Freely collected data
Packages for different company sizes
Error-free data collection
Results in smarter decision-making
Tailored for market research
Insights are precise
Free from subjective biases
Cost-effective solution
Suitable for product development


Lacks real-user interaction
Limited respondent access
Extra features cost more
Unspecified respondent demographics
Unclear data security measures
No free trial visible
Not suitable for qualitative research
Size-based service packages


What is
How does assist with product research?
What are the advantages of using AI-driven respondents in
How does speed up research?
How does reduce research expenses?
How does handle data analysis?
What is the significance of AI-powered responses in
How does ensure accurate and unbiased insights?
What features does offer for conducting surveys and interviews?
What are the additional features offered in advanced packages of
Does the number of respondents vary in
Who can use Is it suitable for all sizes of companies?
How does help in product development?
What is the vision of and how does it plan to redefine the future of market research?
How is 300x cheaper when it comes to product research without users?
Can you explain more about card sorting interviews in
What does A/B testing studies imply in the context of
How can I join the beta version of
Does offer different packages for different sized firms?
What is included in the Pro Plus package of

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