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Market insights & competitor reviews pre-launch.
Generated by ChatGPT is a product validation platform that allows creators to test the market demand for their products before launch. It offers several features to help validate early product concepts, pricing strategies, target audiences, positioning angles, and product colors.

Users can gather valuable insights by obtaining feedback from potential customers who show genuine interest by leaving their emails or making a monetary reservation.The platform enables co-creation by allowing creators to listen to the needs of their target customers and respond accordingly.

It provides access to a community of over 1 million people who are passionate about innovative consumer appliances, as well as the ability to bring in their own also offers an AI Market Research Assistant that analyzes competitor reviews and provides insights into what customers love or hate about similar products.

This helps users understand their potential market and make informed decisions.The platform provides analytics and tracking tools to record over 35 data points for every visit, which can be compared to similar product launches for a comprehensive understanding of product performance.Overall, aims to help creators avoid wasting time and resources on unsuccessful product launches by providing reliable data, feedback, and insights to make informed decisions in the pre-launch phase.


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