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Efficient course content & marketing generation.
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Research AI is an AI-powered tool designed to assist creators in writing course content and marketing materials more efficiently. It utilizes the power of deep learning algorithms to deliver high-quality copywriting.

With Research AI, creators can generate impactful and easily understandable course content, as well as engaging marketing content such as ads, videos, sales pages, and emails.

The tool also offers AI-driven editing tools, eliminating the need to worry about grammar rules. This frees up time for creators and their staff to focus on other important tasks.

Research AI can help increase both student engagement and marketing performance, including conversions, while reducing costs. Additionally, the tool supports the development of new ideas to expand and improve courses.

Research AI provides a range of powerful features, including research briefs for detailed and well-researched articles, AI templates for various types of content, keyword research for marketing purposes, and more.

The platform is easy to use and navigate, and it offers integration with SEMrush. Research AI is suitable for course creators, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs looking to create compelling content to empower students, drive interest, and communicate effectively with their target audience.


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ResearchAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient course content generation
Efficient marketing content generation
Powerful deep learning algorithms
Generates engaging marketing content
Grammar and syntax assistance
Frees up time for creators
Increases student engagement
Improves marketing performance
Reduces costs
Supports ideas development
Provides research briefs
Performs keyword research
Platform is easy to navigate
Integration with SEMrush
Suitable for marketers and entrepreneurs
Generates course content 10X faster
Professional copywriter assistance
Can develop new ideas
Up to 10 output variations
Fast content generation
Can be used by course creators
Can be used by marketing teams
Can be used by entrepreneurs
Generates all types of content
Step-by-step content generation
Supports organic SEO
Generates content faster than competitors
Transforms basic writing to amazing
Saves money on copywriting


No multi-language support
Lacks offline functionality
No auto-save feature
Limited templates
No real-time collaboration feature
No mobile app
Doesn't support all platforms
No user roles management
No customer service live chat
Integration only with SEMrush


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What features does ResearchAI offer for writing articles?
Can ResearchAI provide templates for different types of content?
Does ResearchAI offer keyword research functionality?
How easy is it to use and navigate ResearchAI?
Does ResearchAI offer integration with SEMrush?
Who is the target user of ResearchAI?
What can I expect from ResearchAI in terms of increasing marketing performance?
What does the step-by-step content generation process with ResearchAI look like?
What are the types of content for which ResearchAI provides templates?
Does ResearchAI have a limit on outputs?
How can ResearchAI help in creating SEO-optimized content?
How fast can content be generated using ResearchAI?
Can ResearchAI content be used across different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Docs, and Gmail?

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