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Instant marketing copy generator for small businesses.
Generated by ChatGPT

Tailwind Ghostwriter is an AI writing assistant tool that generates "ready to post" marketing copy instantly, with the aim of freeing up users' focus and creativity.

It uses advanced artificial intelligence specifically trained to create effective marketing content for small businesses, producing natural-sounding copy with perfect grammar and optimizing it to help users reach their business goals.

Tailwind Ghostwriter was built by marketing experts who integrated their extensive knowledge of social and email marketing best practices into the tool.

The AI writing assistant aims to help users beat writer’s block and the stress of content creation by providing an easy and efficient solution for generating marketing copy in minutes rather than hours.

Tailwind Ghostwriter has a friendly user interface and a free forever plan that allows you to get started without needing to give any payment details.

With Tailwind Ghostwriter, users can create a week's worth of marketing content and focus on other aspects of their businesses, ultimately making marketing fun again.

The tool is part of a larger platform that includes scheduling, optimization, and email marketing features, and is trusted by over 1 million brands and small businesses.


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Tailwind Ghostwriter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates ready-to-post marketing copy
Optimizes content for goals
Built with marketing expert input
Free plan available
User-friendly interface
Helps beat writer's block
Saves content creation time
Included in larger platform
Features scheduling and optimization
Supports email marketing
Trusted by 1 million+ brands
Assists in social media posting
Advanced grammar accuracy
Integration with Pinterest and Instagram
Includes a Dedicated Chrome Extension
Extensive Blog and Training Resources
Smart Scheduling Capabilities
Marketing Analytics & Reporting
Intuitive content management
Specifically Designed for Small Businesses
Leads to efficient marketing
Produces natural-sounding copy


Limited to marketing content
Dependent on Pinterest
No offline mode
No multi-language support
No integration with LinkedIn
No version control
No collaboration tools
No Android or iOS apps
Not fit for large-scale businesses
Limited customization options


What is Tailwind Ghostwriter?
What type of content can Tailwind Ghostwriter generate?
Does Tailwind Ghostwriter have a free plan?
How does Tailwind Ghostwriter help with writer’s block?
Can Tailwind Ghostwriter help me with social and email marketing?
Who built Tailwind Ghostwriter and what expertise do they have?
How can Tailwind Ghostwriter improve my business productivity?
What does 'ready to post' mean in the context of Tailwind Ghostwriter?
How does Tailwind Ghostwriter ensure the generated content is optimized for marketing?
What kind of businesses can benefit from using Tailwind Ghostwriter?
What other features does the Tailwind platform offer alongside Ghostwriter?
How do I sign up for Tailwind Ghostwriter?
How does Ghostwriter fit into my content creation schedule?
Can I use Tailwind Ghostwriter for creating both social media and email content?
How can Tailwind Ghostwriter assist in creating marketing copy?
Does Tailwind Ghostwriter provide analytics or reporting features?
Can I connect my Pinterest account to Tailwind Ghostwriter?
What elements of social media best practices does Ghostwriter incorporate into its content generation?
How can Tailwind Ghostwriter make marketing fun again?
Why is Tailwind Ghostwriter trusted by over 1 million brands and small businesses?

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