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Content generation for blogs, articles and social media.
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Wordmax is an AI content writing tool that allows users to generate content for blogs, articles, websites, social media, and more. The tool provides various features such as advanced AI as personal content writer, AI tools and pre-built templates to create content briefs, and the ability to write in over 40 languages.

Users can select from available templates, provide a few sentences on their topic, and generate quality content in under 30 seconds. The tool generates up to 200 words each time and all content is unique and original.

Wordmax is designed to help users improve their writing productivity, avoid writer's block and endless work for their business. The tool can be used by content marketers, bloggers, freelancers, startups, and marketing teams.

Wordmax offers a free plan, a pro plan with more features, and a custom package for teams and business needs. The tool also provides resources such as an article generator, blog ideas, product descriptions, and tutorials.

Wordmax is a trusted tool used by over 60,000 freelancers, marketing teams, and agencies. With Wordmax, users can generate optimized blog posts and articles to get organic traffic, create a perfect description for their products, and write very attractive headlines or slogans for their landing page of their website.


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Wordmax was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Trusted by over 60,000 users
Writing in 40+ languages
Variety of pre-built templates
Generates content under 30 seconds
Generates up to 200 words
Improves writing productivity
Helps avoid writer's block
Suitable for diverse users
Free plan available
Pro plan for advanced features
Custom packages for teams
Offers article generator
Provides blog ideas
Product descriptions feature
Tutorials offered
Generates optimized blog posts
Creates attractive headlines, slogans
Generates product descriptions
Useful for social media ads
Can repurpose content easily
Unique, original content
10+ writing template options
Minimalist editing interface
Can rewrite and improve existing content
Offers a bullet point list for product benefits
Unlimited logins with Pro plan
50+ languages with Pro plan
Priority support for Pro users
Custom pricing for custom plan
Custom user numbers in custom plans
Manage team members in custom plans
Premium support in custom plans
Offers regular support for free plan
Offers 4,500 words in free plan
Provides 10+ languages in free plan
Allow generating product benefit lists
Adaptable for different business needs
Various payment plans
Helps in brainstorming faster
Can copy and publish anywhere
Improves online marketing campaigns


Limited to 200 words
No WordPress plugin
No API access
Limited free plan
Cannot manage team members
Only 10 templates
Restrictive custom package
No MacOS application
No mobile application
No 24/7 support


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Can Wordmax help me with writer's block?
Who can use Wordmax?
What are the pricing options for Wordmax?
What type of content can Wordmax generate?
How unique is the content generated by Wordmax?
How can Wordmax help increase organic traffic to my blog?
Can Wordmax write product descriptions?
Can Wordmax help me generate social media ads?
Does Wordmax provide resources to support users?
What are the pre-built templates provided by Wordmax?
How many users trust Wordmax as their content generation tool?
Can Wordmax rewrite and improve existing content?
Are there any predefined templates for content writing in Wordmax?
How do I use Wordmax to create a content brief?
Does Wordmax offer a free trial?

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