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Fastlane AI is a tool that allows users to build powerful AI experiences without the need for coding. It is powered by the ChatGPT API and enables users to create applications as robust as traditional mobile apps.

Users can easily manage and refine prompts, learn from the community, and bring their own API key.With Fastlane AI, users can create personalized AI responses by shaping the AI's identity.

This can be done by changing message types to influence the AI's response and identity more effectively than a simple user message. The tool also ensures that the identity of the user's prompts remains consistent and accessible, eliminating the risk of prompt purging from the context window.The AI engine used within Fastlane AI can be configured according to the specific requirements of the user's project.

Users can choose from a range of AI model settings, allowing them to select a predictable tool or a more creative companion based on the job at hand.Multiple conversations can be conducted with the same persona, and users have control over clearing conversation history to start fresh in a new context.

Fastlane AI also allows users to give their personas character and personality by setting customized appearance and avatars.Overall, Fastlane AI empowers users to build repeatable AI experiences, both for themselves and others.

It provides a user-friendly interface for managing prompts, controlling AI responses, and customizing personas, making it a versatile tool for creating AI-powered applications.


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Jul 25, 2023
Once an account created, you can't delete it. Moreover lack of cost transparency on the homepage

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Pros and Cons


No coding required
Easy prompt management
Community learning source
Supports personal API key
Changes message types for identity
Prevents prompt purging
Multiple conversations with same persona
Control over conversation history
Persona customization
Customizable persona appearance
Avatar setting for personas
Robust as traditional apps
Consistent user experience
Option for fresh context
Refine UI during conversation


No coding not possible
No multiple users support
Lacks third-party integrations
Insufficient documentation
No conversation history export
Limited persona customization
No offline work mode
Doesn't support multi-language interface
No collaborative features


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Can Fastlane AI handle multiple conversations with the same persona?
How do I clear conversation history in Fastlane AI?
Can I customize the appearance and avatar of my persona in Fastlane AI?
Does Fastlane AI empower users to build repeatable AI experiences?
How is Fastlane AI different from other AI tools?
Do I need to know how to code to use Fastlane AI?
What kind of applications can I create using Fastlane AI?
What support is available if I encounter issues with Fastlane AI?
How can I configure the AI engine according to my project's needs?
How does Fastlane AI maintain the identity of user's prompts?
Can I use my own API key in Fastlane AI?
What does it mean that the identity of prompts can never get pruned or purged in Fastlane AI?

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