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ByPatrick Pando
Your expert and infinite subject matter advisor.
GPT welcome message: How may I help you today, Pandito? (🧠)
Sample prompts:
Tell me what you want to do ? (💬)
What role do you want me to play? (💬)
What output do you desire? (💬)
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The Pando Expert Prompt Engineer is a GPT designed to provide specialized assistance in the field of prompt engineering. Utilizing the underlying technology of ChatGPT, it functions as a sort of 'app' over the ChatGPT base, offering tailored interactivity based on the user's needs and inquiries.

With its 'Prompt Engineer' design, this tool emphasizes a more interactive and responsive AI experience as it actually solicits user input with its 'Prompt starters', subtly guiding users to formulate their requests in a more effective manner for AI responses.

By asking questions like 'Tell me what you want to do?' and 'What output do you desire?', it facilitates improved communication between the user and AI.

Specifically for those engaged in AI research or development tasks, this tool can be a valuable asset for testing or designing prompts that lead to more meaningfully contextualized AI responses.

As an 'infinite subject matter expert', this GPT is also likely equipped to provide relevant responses across a wide range of topics, further increasing its utility.

Use of the Pando Expert Prompt Engineer does require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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