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Transforming Software Testers into Expert Prompt Engineers.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's create some great LLM testing prompts.
Sample prompts:
Help Improve my testing prompt
Example of Test Case Generation Prompt
Example of Test Automation Code Prompt
Example of Test Data Generation Prompt
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Expert Prompts for Software Testers is a GPT developed by It is designed to assist software testers in becoming expert prompt engineers. The GPT focuses on enhancing the skills of software testers and allows them to generate improved testing prompts effectively.

The tool operates by guiding users in creating outstanding Language Model (LLM) testing prompts, which is critical in developing efficient software testing scenarios.

Furthermore, it provides prompt starters that users can manipulate in different contexts. Some notable examples include 'Help Improve my testing prompt', 'Example of Test Case Generation Prompt', 'Example of Test Automation Code Prompt', and 'Example of Test Data Generation Prompt'.

Through these prompt starters, the GPT provides testers with a springboard to construct diverse testing environments and cases. This GPT requires ChatGPT Plus to function, meaning that it operates as an advanced layer to the core ChatGPT.

In summary, Expert Prompts for Software Testers provides a valuable resource for testers to improve their capability in generating, automating, and managing test prompts and data in various software testing contexts.


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