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The GitHub repository "mshumer/gpt-prompt-engineer" is a public repository that contains code related to a project called "GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER". The repository has received 793 stars and 65 forks from the GitHub community.Based on the available information, it appears that the repository is actively maintained, with recent commits made by the user "mshumer" on July 10, 2023.

The commits include updates to the file.However, the text provided does not provide specific details about the functionality or purpose of the "GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER" project.

Therefore, without further information, it is not possible to provide a precise description of what the tool does.It is worth noting that GitHub is a widely used platform for version control and collaboration on software development projects.

It offers various features such as code hosting, code review, issue tracking, and collaboration tools. It seems that the "GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER" project leverages these features provided by GitHub.Interested users can explore the repository by browsing the code, viewing issues and pull requests, and accessing additional project-related resources like documentation and blog articles.


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GPT Prompt Engineer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


793 GitHub stars
65 GitHub forks
Maintained by mshumer
GIT commits recorded
Version control through GitHub
Collaborative development environment
Inclusive of License file
Detailed README
Includes GPT-notebooks
Prompt generation using GPT-4
Testing of generated prompts
ELO rating system for prompts
Classification tasks handling
Weights & Biases logging
Supports Google Colab and Jupyter
Supports GPT-3.5-turbo
Easily define use-case/test-cases
Ranked ELO ratings for prompts
MIT licensed
User contributions welcomed


Detailed usage instructions missing
Complex set-up required
High computation costs
Potential for inaccurate results
Only uses Python
Requires GPT-4 access
Relies on GitHub hosting
Limited to text data
Confined to Jupyter notebooks
No package distribution


What is the main purpose of GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
What is prompt engineering?
How does GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER use GitHub?
Why does GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER use an ELO rating system?
What is the maximum number of prompts that I can generate with GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
How does GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER test the generated prompts?
Does GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER come with a version for classification tasks?
What are the main features of GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
How can I get started with GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
Can GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER log my configurations to Weights & Biases?
How is the score calculated in the Classification Version of GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
How can I contribute to the GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER project?
What similar tools to GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER are there?
Is GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER compatible with GPT-3, 3.5-turbo and 4?
Do I need to write a test case for each prompt in GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
Are there any resources or documentation available for GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
How can I clone or download the GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER repository?
What is the license for GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
What are the system requirements for running GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?
Are there any future updates or improvements planned for GPT-PROMPT-ENGINEER?

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