Prompt engineering 2023-10-18
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Guiding engineers in prompt crafting for flourishing careers.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Prompt Mentor, your guide in AI prompt engineering!
Sample prompts:
What are the foundational principles of prompt engineering I should know as a software engineer?
How can I effectively transition my current skills in software development to prompt engineering?
What are some common challenges in crafting prompts for AI, and how can I overcome them?
Can you provide examples of successful prompts in various AI applications?
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Prompt Mentor is a GPT designed to assist software engineers in developing proficiency in the field of prompt engineering. This tool encompasses everything a budding prompt engineer might need, ranging from foundational principles to advanced techniques and strategies.

Prompt Mentor serves as an educational resource and a hands-on platform where software engineers can adapt their skills to the domain of prompt engineering.

The tool uses ChatGPT to convey information and guide users, creating an interactive learning environment. Prompt Mentor also addresses common challenges that arise while crafting prompts for AI, providing in-depth strategies and practical advice to overcome such obstacles.

Moreover, it offers numerous examples of successful prompts used in different AI applications, giving users the opportunity to learn by example and directly apply their newfound knowledge.

While this GPT is primarily meant for software engineers branching out into prompt engineering, it would also be valuable for anyone interested in understanding how to effectively craft AI prompts for various applications.


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