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A prompt engineering teacher
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Prompt Engineering 101!
Sample prompts:
How do I improve this prompt?
What makes a good prompt?
Can you explain prompt chaining?
Help me design a prompt for...
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Prompt Professor is a GPT developed to act as an expert in teaching and assisting users with prompt engineering. Its primary focus is to aid users in enhancing their understanding and mastery of devising effective prompts for AI tools.

One notable function that this GPT offers is its welcome message - 'Welcome to Prompt Engineering 101!.' This gives users immediate direction about the purpose and focus of this tool.

The GPT's strengths also lie in its 'prompt starters' which guide the user in their endeavour to build more effective prompts. These starters include queries such as 'How do I improve this prompt?' and 'What makes a good prompt?' which help facilitate a more interactive and instructive experience for users.

They allow the user to actively engage with the tool and further their understanding of prompt creation processes. Additionally, the GPT also offers a prompt chaining explanation, advancing the user's knowledge of advanced prompt techniques.The GPT is also instrumental in assisting the actual design of prompts, as evidenced by the starter 'Help me design a prompt for...'.

Here, the tool can not only offer assistance with the conceptualization and design of a prompt, but also provide immediate and practical application of the principles it teaches.

However, it should be noted that you need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access this GPT.


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