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Harness the power of LLMs to build and use GPTs with APIs.
Sample prompts:
What are your commands?
Make me schema for fantasyleague API for my GPT
Remix me a GPT that researches MI Heart Attack treatment
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World Class Prompt Engineer is a GPT that leverages the capabilities of Language Learning Models (LLMs) and aims to streamline the process of building and utilizing GPTs with APIs.

It offers a practical guide updated as of 12/18 with its prompts engineering tips and methodologies readily available. Originating from, this tool requires the integration of ChatGPT Plus to function optimally.

World Class Prompt Engineer serves as a gateway for users to effectively harness the power of GPTs through guided navigation on prompt engineering and intelligent tool orchestration.

The GPT provides prompt starters such as 'What are your commands?', 'Make me schema for fantasy league API for my GPT', and 'Remix me a GPT that researches MI Heart Attack treatment', which guides its users on potential direction for engagement and utilization.

By offering the ability not just to use, but also to engineer prompts in a sophisticated manner, it equips its audience with the power to be more deliberate and efficient in their use of AI-powered tools.

To summarize, World Class Prompt Engineer offers an enriching interface for users to learn and effectively use GPTs and APIs, while also providing the necessary guidance for complex task execution through prompt engineering.


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