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Enhancing prompts for language models
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Query Vary is a comprehensive test suite designed for developers working with large language models (LLMs). It provides tools to design, test, and refine prompts in a systematic manner.

By using Query Vary, developers can ensure the reliability of their prompts, reduce latency, and optimize costs.The tool aims to free up developers from the burden of maintaining testing tools, allowing them to focus on innovation.

It offers a professional testing suite to ensure brand integrity and agility, without the need for constant testing tool updates.Query Vary promises to save developers up to 30% of their time with its accelerated testing environment.

It streamlines the prompt engineering process, boosting productivity by 80% with its streamlined design interface. The tool also includes built-in safeguards to reduce the chance of application abuse by 50%.

It prioritizes security with advanced measures to mitigate the risks of unauthorized access.With Query Vary's structured testing infrastructure, developers can improve the quality of their LLM application outputs by 89%.

The platform enables extensive evaluation under diverse scenarios, resulting in high-precision performance.The tool is trusted by top companies and offers features such as the ability to compare different LLMs, track cost, latency, and quality metrics, version control for prompts, and the capability to embed fine-tuned LLMs straight into JavaScript.Query Vary offers flexible pricing plans for individual developers, scaling businesses, and large corporations, catering to different budget and need levels.


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Query Vary was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive test suite
Tools for systematic prompt design
Reduces maintenance overhead
Professional testing suite
Accelerated testing environment
Up to 30% time save
80% productivity boost
In-built safeguards
Security prioritization
89% LLM output quality improvement
Respected by top companies
LLM comparison
Cost, latency, and quality tracking
Version control for prompts
Embed fine-tuned LLMs in JavaScript
Flexible pricing plans
Caters to individuals and corporations
Efficient prompt optimization
Performance stats
Track essential metrics
Difficult model fine-tuning
Safeguards against unauthorized access
Adaptable to different LLMs
Chain of Prompts Workflow
Document Embedding
User abuse prevention
Complex Embeddings
Hosted models
Role-based access
24/7 premium support


No offline availability
High pricing tiers
Can't customize interface
Dependent on user's API key
No multi-language support
Lacks backward compatibility
No integration with third-party platforms
Limited built-in safeguards
No individual test cases
No platform-specific optimization


What is Query Vary?
How does Query Vary help developers optimize their language models?
What specific measures does Query Vary have in place for security?
Does Query Vary offer any service to control versioning of the prompts?
What does Query Vary mean by 'extensive evaluation under diverse scenarios'?
What metrics can I track using Query Vary?
Can I compare different LLMs using Query Vary?
How does Query Vary help reduce application abuse?
Is it possible to embed fine-tuned LLMs straight into Javascript using Query Vary?
What are the main features offered by Query Vary for prompt optimization?
How time-saving is the use of Query Vary for a developer?
What price plans does Query Vary offer?
How can Query Vary accelerate the prompt testing process?
Can Query Vary help improve the quality of LLM application outputs?
How does Query Vary ensure an ideal balance between quality, latency, and cost for superior prompt performance?
What do existing users have to say about Query Vary?
How can Query Vary help in managing customer expectations?
Does Query Vary offer a free trial?
What kind of assistance can I expect from Query Vary's support team?
Is Query Vary trusted by top companies?

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