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Sales and marketing copywriting assistance solution.
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Copyfactory is an AI copywriting platform designed specifically for sales and marketing teams. Its main purpose is to assist in writing sales sequences and personalizing campaigns to increase response rates.

With Copyfactory, users can easily write outbound sequences using the Sequence Editor, which leverages AI technology to streamline the process. In addition, the platform offers Contact Personalization, allowing users to create personalized playbooks and manage contacts at scale.One of the key features of Copyfactory is the ability to create custom email templates using AI.

This feature enables users to generate email sequences tailored to their specific needs. Users can also create custom personalization templates by utilizing any research, further enhancing their ability to personalize campaigns.Copyfactory also offers Done-for-You Copywriting, where users can have the platform's team write their outbound emails.

This feature saves valuable time and ensures high-quality copywriting.Furthermore, Copyfactory includes features such as Content Blocks, which help manage sales content efficiently, and an API that enables the generation of personalized sentences and emails from any location.

The platform also provides project organization capabilities through Profiles, allowing users to easily categorize their work into different projects and workspaces.Copyfactory is suitable for both sales teams and agencies, and it aims to reduce the time spent on copywriting by up to 77%.

It offers a user-friendly interface and supports various languages. It distinguishes itself from other AI tools by providing more control over the output and better integration with existing sales automation and prospecting workflows.

Testimonials from various professionals attest to Copyfactory's effectiveness in increasing outbound efforts and scaling personalization within sales development.

The platform also offers a free trial and demo to help users explore its features.


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Dec 18, 2023
Great tool that saves us loads of time.

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