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Specializing in copywriting with expert SEO knowledge.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to assist with your SEO and copywriting needs.
Sample prompts:
Description produit optimisé SEO (sans image)
Description produit optimisé SEO (avec image)
Description de collection optimisé SEO
Mots clés connexes pour la description Produit
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SEO Assistant is a GPT designed specifically to provide support and assistance in the fields of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and copywriting. It leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to facilitate its functionality, requiring users to sign up to ChatGPT Plus.

Hailed as a helpful tool for those needing expert SEO knowledge, the SEO Assistant is well-versed in crafting optimised product descriptions, collection descriptions, and related keyword suggestions for product descriptions, among other SEO-related tasks.

To ensure precise SEO optimization, whether images are included in the description or not, this GPT provides prompt starters to streamline its usage, including but not limited to 'Description produit optimis SEO (sans image)' and 'Description produit optimis SEO (avec image)'.

By seamlessly integrating these key components in its operations, SEO Assistant offers a user-friendly, dynamic, and insightful tool ready to support in improving website visibility, ranking, and overall digital marketing performance.

The creator of this GPT is named THEO COUET who provides a welcoming gesture to all users stating: 'Hello! I'm here to assist with your SEO and copywriting needs'.

This indicates the tool's direct approach to meet user needs in SEO and copywriting, demonstrating its focus on providing streamlined, effective solutions for these particular areas.


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