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Internal linking made easy with AI.
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BekiAI is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline and enhance the process of internal linking on websites. The tool is aimed at making content optimization easier and more efficient by aiding in the discovery of linking opportunities, building, and monitoring of internal links.

BekiAI features an AI linkage creation method that uses exact keyword or phrase matches to provide a clear signal to search engines about the content of the linked page, enhancing search engine optimization (SEO).

Additionally, the tool offers suggestions of relevant pages for each page a user is working on, guiding the creation of links that are impactful. Beyond just creating links, BekiAI allows users to regularly check the status and effectiveness of their internal links, ensuring they remain functional and productive.

The tool hosts an internal link performance evaluation system that provides insights into each link's performance, including click rates and their overall contribution to the user's SEO strategy.

Additionally, BekiAI software can crawl through all of a user's content, storing and organizing it into an easily navigable format which simplifies internal link creation.

The system is designed to cater to all content types and integrates an AI that identifies the most suitable internal linking opportunities.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines internal linking
Enhances content optimization
Automated link discovery
Monitors internal links
Offers relevant link suggestions
Regular link status checks
Performance evaluation of links
Efficient content crawling
Organizes content data
Suits all content types
Identifies optimal linking opportunities
Exact keyword match linking
Click rate insights
Contribution to SEO strategy
Automatic new content identification
Suggests links for new content
Link status and effectiveness tracking
24-hour content scanning
WordPress integration
Google Search Console integration
Internal link analytics
Automatic link addition (with CMS integration)
Seamlessly integrated suggestions
Inventory of all internal links
Link status notifications
In-app content preview
New content notifications


Limited CMS integration
No manual link insertion
Restricted to exact keyword matching
Limited daily content scans
Expensive for additional features
Limited number of tracked pages
Undefined link evaluation metrics
Relies on team member input
Mandatory Google Search Console integration


What is BekiAI?
How does the AI linkage creation method of BekiAI work?
How does BekiAI aid in discovering linking opportunities?
How does BekiAI guide in creating impactful links?
What insights does the BekiAI's internal link performance evaluation system provide?
How does BekiAI check the status and effectiveness of internal links?
How does BekiAI crawl through all of a user's content?
What types of content does BekiAI cater to?
How frequently does BekiAI check my content?
Can BekiAI automatically add links?
How does BekiAI suggest relevant pages?
How does BekiAI keep tabs on link health?
How does BekiAI evaluate internal link performance?
Does BekiAI support integration with Wordpress?
What is the internal link monitoring feature of BekiAI?
How does BekiAI organize my content for easy navigation?
Does BekiAI provide any method for tracking the effectiveness of created links?
What is the process through which BekiAI automatically identifies new content on the website?
Does BekiAI offer CMS integration?
What is the pricing of BekiAI services?

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