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Boost website rankings with optimized internal links.
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InternalHub is an AI-powered tool that provides suggestions for optimizing internal links on your website to improve its rankings. By leveraging the power of AI, InternalHub helps you discover the most effective internal linking strategy that enhances your site's crawlability and semantic relevance, resulting in higher search engine rankings.With InternalHub, you no longer have to leave your internal links to chance.

The tool helps you build relevant topic clusters using mathematical calculations, replacing intuition with metrics. It takes care of all the necessary calculations, so you don't have to worry about the technical complexities.This tool offers repeatable results, giving all of your content an opportunity to rank well.

By analyzing and optimizing your internal links using machine learning algorithms, InternalHub eliminates the need for guesswork and enables you to make data-driven decisions similar to those used by search engines.InternalHub offers simple pricing, allowing you to choose between monthly and annual payment options.

The monthly plan costs $9/month, whereas the annual plan costs $89/year, equivalent to more than two months of free usage. Both plans grant you access to crawl your website, use the link tool, and enjoy unlimited internal links.Additionally, InternalHub offers a discounted access option for beta testers.

By signing up as a beta tester, you can obtain a discount code, further reducing the cost.Overall, InternalHub is a reliable AI tool designed to optimize internal links, ensuring improved crawlability and higher rankings for your website.


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