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SEO optimized internal linking for WordPress articles.
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Link Whisper is a smart internal linking tool designed to assist with SEO optimization. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it suggests relevant internal links while you write your article within the WordPress editor.

Depending on the number of articles on your site and the relevance of your existing content, Link Whisper provides dozens or more internal link suggestions directly from the content you are editing.

By simply checking the box and saving, internal links are implemented efficiently.The tool also allows you to quickly identify pages that lack internal links, referred to as "orphan" content, and easily add new internal links to these articles.

Additionally, Link Whisper offers an "Auto-Linking" feature, enabling faster internal link building for SEO. Inputting target keywords and specifying the desired URL, the tool automatically builds links from past and future mentions of the chosen keywords to the designated page.With comprehensive link reporting, Link Whisper provides insights into your site's structure, offering an overview of your entire site's internal and external links.

Additionally, it identifies broken internal and external links, allowing for swift editing or removal within the tool. Furthermore, you can enhance internal linking by adding target SEO keywords, which the tool then suggests the most relevant links for.For users who own multiple sites using Link Whisper, the tool allows connection between these sites to provide link suggestions, which can be particularly powerful for sites in similar niches.

Lastly, Link Whisper offers the option to connect with Google Search Console to access traffic data, enabling users to optimize their target keywords and internal links accordingly.


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Link Whisper was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


SEO optimized internal linking
Suggests relevant internal links
Offers dozens of link suggestions
Identifies and fills 'orphan' content
Auto-Linking feature for fast link building
Comprehensive link reporting
Identifies and fixes broken links
Enhances linking with target SEO keywords
Connection between multiple sites
Access to Google Search Console traffic data
Optimized for WordPress
User-friendly, check the box system
In-depth link reporting
Compatible with other SEO plugins
Automatically pulls target keywords
Relevance-based link suggestions
Visibility on outbound internal and external links
Dashboard view for link management
Efficient internal linking for older posts
Single install for automatic link suggestions


Only for WordPress
Management of external links limited
Suggests links based on existing content
No integration with other SEO tools
Limited automation capabilities
Billed annually
Interconnected sites must be owned
Limited to internal link optimization
Auto-linking might lack context
No multilingual support


How does Link Whisper support SEO optimization?
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Can Link Whisper identify broken internal and external links?
Can Link Whisper be used to add target SEO keywords?
Does Link Whisper offer any integration with Google Search Console?
Can Link Whisper be used across multiple sites?
How does Link Whisper suggest relevant internal links?
How are internal links implemented using Link Whisper?
What content does Link Whisper use to provide internal link suggestions?
How does Link Whisper help in identifying 'orphan' content?
Does Link Whisper provide insights into my site's structure?
In what ways can Link Whisper improve internal linking for SEO?
What kind of reports can I get from Link Whisper?
How does the 'Auto-Linking' feature in Link Whisper work?
What kind of insights can I gain from the Google Search Console integration?
Can I use Link Whisper to connect with multiple websites at the same time?
What does Link Whisper mean by 'target keywords'?
Can Link Whisper suggest links for the target keywords?
How does Link Whisper assist with editing or removing broken links?
What kind of link suggestions does Link Whisper provide based on the content of my site?

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