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Assisted natural language web page search.
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Locus is an AI-powered search tool designed to quickly find relevant information on any web page through natural language processing. It can be used to refer back to sections in long papers, documents, and articles without needing to remember exact keywords.

It is soon to support search across PDFs and videos. It is offered in both basic and premium plans, with the premium plan offering unlimited searches, web page support and immediate access to new features.

This tool helps to save time when reading and enhances productivity by allowing users to quickly locate their desired information.


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Locus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Web page search
Natural language processing
Long documents support
Enhances productivity
Supports articles
PDF and videos search
Basic and premium plans
Unlimited searches (premium)
Immediate access to new features
Relevant information finder
Forget exact keywords
Supports dense papers
Helps in fast reading


Limited free searches
No iOS support
No mobile support
Video search not live
PDF search coming soon
Only website search supported
No multi-language feature
No open-source access
Support response time uncertain
Missing advanced search filters


What is Locus?
How does Locus work?
Can Locus support search across PDFs and videos?
What is the difference between the basic and premium plans of Locus?
Does Locus support web page search?
How can Locus help in saving time when reading?
What is unique about Locus's search capability?
How quickly can Locus find relevant information on a web page?
Does using Locus require remembering exact keywords?
How much does the premium plan of Locus cost?
What are the new features that will be immediately accessible with the premium plan?
How many searches can I make with the basic plan of Locus?
Is Locus only compatible with Google Chrome?
Is there a free trial available for Locus premium plan?
How can Locus enhance my productivity?
How does Locus handle search requests?
Can Locus make searches that are not possible with regular CTRL + F?
What user feedback has been received for Locus?
How can Locus help me in finding information in long papers, documents, and articles?
Will Locus aid in comprehending long forms of content?

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