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Private and precise search of browsing history.
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Pinbot is a browser extension for Chrome that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users privately search their browser history. It is designed to find matches even when users do not use the exact words, making it an accurate search tool.

The extension allows users to filter their results by specifying a date range, a URL, or both. To protect user privacy, Pinbot works offline with everything running on the user's device.

Additionally, Pinbot provides a user-first experience with dark mode and plans to introduce more features in the future. The creator of Pinbot, Kamil, aims to make AI developments available to everyone without compromising privacy.

This extension is just the beginning of his plan, and he hopes to make Pinbot's development self-sustainable while remaining faithful to user interests.

Users can share their feedback with Kamil, and he is open to discussing Pinbot's development with users on the Pinbot Discord server. Overall, Pinbot aims to give users control over their browser history search while leveraging AI for accuracy and privacy.

With Pinbot, users can easily locate relevant information in their browsing history and have a user-friendly, private experience.


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Pinbot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Private browsing history search
Precise non-exact word search
Date range filter
URL filter
Works offline
Data runs on device
Dark mode feature
Open to user feedback
Dedicated community platform
User-friendly experience
Upcoming new features
Customizable search parameters
Privacy-oriented tool
Data resides on user's device
Creator is accessible
Future self-sustainable development plans


Only for Chrome
Offline limited functionality
Not open-source
Limited features currently
No API provided
Dependent on browser history
Requires extension installation
No enterprise version
Limited customization options
Lacks multi-browser support


What is Pinbot?
How does Pinbot work?
Is there a specific browser I need to use Pinbot?
How does the AI in Pinbot help me precisely search my browser history?
Does Pinbot require me to use exact search phrases?
What filters can be applied using Pinbot?
Is Pinbot a privacy-conscious tool?
Does Pinbot work offline?
What additional features does Pinbot provide for a user-first experience?
Is dark mode available in Pinbot?
Who is the creator of Pinbot?
What is the ultimate goal of the creator with the Pinbot extension?
How can I reach out to Kamil, the creator of Pinbot?
Is there a community forum where I can discuss Pinbot's features?
Will there be more advanced features added to Pinbot in the future?
How does Pinbot intend to keep their development self-sustainable?
Does Pinbot have a YouTube tutorial on how to use the tool?
Are there plans for Pinbot to be extended beyond Chrome?
Can I share my feedback on Pinbot?
How does Pinbot ensure it remains true to user interests?

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