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Privacy-focused search engine with personalization.
Generated by ChatGPT is a search engine focused on providing a personalized experience for users while ensuring complete privacy. The search engine is powered by artificial intelligence and offers a multi-dimensional interface with horizontal and vertical scrolling, allowing users to discover more content in less time. also allows users to personalize their search experience by integrating with 150+ apps, including popular sources such as Amazon, Twitter, and StackOverflow.

The AI-powered search engine features several unique tools that serve different purposes. YouChat enables users to chat with the search engine to get quick answers to their queries.

YouCode helps developers to work faster with a search engine designed for developers. YouWrite uses AI to help users write high-quality blogs, emails or social media posts, while YouImagine enables users to find and create stunning images using AI.

Moreover, features visually-driven shopping and social exploring modes, besides offering safe search options.Perhaps the most significant aspect of is its emphasis on user privacy.

The search engine is entirely free of tracking and invasive ads, making it ideal for people who value their privacy. Additionally, offers a private mode and a moderate safe search feature as part of its customization options. is available for use on desktops or through its mobile app, making it a versatile option for users on the go.


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You was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 2nd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Personalization features
Multi-dimensional interface
Integrates with 150+ apps
Chat feature with engine
Developer-focused search (YouCode)
Visually-driven shopping
Social exploring modes
Safe search options
Free of tracking
Invasive ad-free
Private mode
Moderate safe search feature
Desktop and mobile app
Unique time-saving UI
Application tailored tools
Available job opportunities
Quick setting customizations
User-friendly feedback feature
Active community involvement
Convenient in-app downloads
In-depth help and FAQs
Efficient code creation (YouCode)
Community news subscription
Engages with many social platforms
Job openings featured
Multi-tiered search experience
Region-specific search
Recency-specific search
Effortless log in
Versatile search customization
Inbuilt blog access
Streamlined UI navigation
Optimized mobile app versions
Dev-specific portal
Study-related tool (YouStudy)
User-controlled search experience
Easy-to-use app store
Interactive homepage design


Limited platform support
No API provided
Difficult Horizontal Scrolling
Too many integrated apps
Limited search customization
No ad-based search
Privacy features complex
Limited user base
Multiple modes confusion
Unfamiliar multi-dimensional interface


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Which apps can be integrated with
How can aid in writing, such as blogs or emails?
What does's YouCode tool do?
What is's YouChat function?
How does enable finding and creating images?
Does have a mobile application?
What makes different from other search engines?
What is the significance of's multi-dimensional interface?
What is's approach towards users' privacy?
What shopping and social exploring modes does offer?
Are there any tracking or invasive ads in
How can help developers with coding?
What are the customization options available in
How can I use's private mode?
How does's moderate safe search feature work?
How can I sign up on

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