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Search engine for code, answers, and integrations
Generated by ChatGPT

Rix is an AI-powered search engine designed specifically for developers. It provides an efficient and streamlined search experience, offering two main modes: Web-search and GPT-knowledge.

With the Web-search mode, users can find the latest information on any topic of interest. Alternatively, the GPT-knowledge mode offers instant answers derived from pre-trained knowledge.

Furthermore, Rix includes an extension that users can add to their browser for easy access. By signing in to Rix, developers can save conversations and access them from anywhere.

The tool also integrates with Discord for further support and collaboration.Rix features popular site shortcuts, allowing users to streamline their searches for specific technologies such as Next.js, Python, React, Node.js, Express.js, Java, TailwindCSS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GraphQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.The search engine offers different modes to enhance the chat experience.

Users can seamlessly switch between "Quick," "Web-search," and "Code Writer" modes, each serving distinct functionalities. Quick mode facilitates fast answers to questions, Web-search mode retrieves information from the web, and Code Writer enables code generation, modification, and visualization.Additionally, Rix provides a unique feature that allows users to paste a GitHub gist link and obtain a summary of the code.

This assists developers in comprehending, modifying, and enhancing code from GitHub.Lastly, Rix supports the summarization of any article or web page by simply pasting the URL into the search bar.

Users can also ask follow-up questions about the content. Moreover, developers can utilize the "site:" feature to narrow down search results to a specific website, saving time and effort during research.


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Hashnode Rix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Developer-focused search engine
Two main search modes
Includes a browser extension
Can save conversations
Discord integration for support
Has popular site shortcuts
Web search mode implemented
GPT-knowledge mode for instant answers
Provides streamlined search experience
Modes for enhanced chat experience
Functionality for switching search modes
Quick mode for fast answers
Code Writer mode for code generation
Summarizes GitHub gist code
Summarizes articles or web pages
Allows follow-up search queries
Offers website-specific search using 'site:'
Enables code modification and visualization
Offers trending search suggestions
Streamlines technology-specific searches
Efficient and accessible from anywhere
Supports broad programming languages & technologies
Saves time and effort in research


No mobile app
Limited language compatibility
Restricted to GitHub gists
Doesn't work offline
required for saving
Only integrates with Discord
No audio/voice search
Limited search customization features
Different modes may confuse
No advanced code analysis


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How does 'Quick' mode work on Rix?
What does 'Code Writer' mode do in Rix?
How can I use Rix to understand code from GitHub better?
Can I save and access my searches on Rix from anywhere?
What specific programming technologies can I search for using Rix?
Can Rix help me summarize articles or web pages?
How can I narrow down my search results to a specific website using Rix?
What is a Rix thread and how I can create one?
Can Rix generate, modify and visualize codes?
Can I ask follow-up questions about summarized content in Rix?
What kind of information can I find using the Web-search mode on Rix?
What's the GPT-knowledge mode in Rix and how it can assist me?
Can I use Rix to gain a quick summary of GitHub gist link?
What are the advantages of signing into Rix?

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