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ChatGPT is an AI tool implemented with initial support for plugins. These plugins are designed specifically for language models with safety as a core principle and enable ChatGPT to access the most up-to-date information, run computations, and use third-party services.

The tool benefits from continuous deployment, gradually rolling out plugins in ChatGPT to study their real-world use, impact, and safety challenges. This helps the developers to learn more and achieve alignment challenges towards their mission of human–AI interaction.

The tool offers a small set of users currently, and larger-scale access is gradually rolling out. Plugin developers can build a plugin for ChatGPT by using the tool's documentation, which then lists the enabled plugins in the prompt shown to the language model as well as provides documentation to instruct the model on how to use each.

ChatGPT currently hosts two plugins, a web browser, and code interpreter, and has openly shared code for a knowledge base retrieval plugin. Users and developers can join the ChatGPT plugins waitlist and have access to plugins gradually over time.

The initial alpha access will prioritize a small number of developers and ChatGPT Plus users, and gradually expand over time. The aim behind plugins is to unlock a vast range of possible use cases and build a community shaping the future of the human–AI interaction paradigm.

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Pros and Cons


Browsing capabilities
Safety as core principle
Continuous deployment
Gradual roll-out
Comprehensive documentation for developers
Potential for diverse plugins
Community-building potential
Web browsing integration
Gradual alpha access
Expands utility of language models
Capability to perform actions
Possibility of open standards
Improved user engagement
Information retrieval plugin
Python interpreter plugin
Good for mathematical problems
Data analysis and visualization capabilities
File format conversion
Support for third-party services
Designed for language models
Real-world use impact analysis
Cites sources in responses
Supports GET requests
Sandboxed, firewalled execution environment
Ephemeral disk space
Persistent python session
Supports file uploads and downloads
Internal and external red-teaming


Limited plugin support
Gradual plugin roll-out
Safety measures restrict functionalities
Alpha access bias
Limited scale access
Plugin development dependent on documentation
Limited hosted plugins
Gradual waitlist access
Exclusive plug-in developers
Process for new plugins unspecified


What is Browsing by Open AI?
What is the purpose of plugins in ChatGPT?
How does ChatGPT maintain safety with its plugins?
What kind of information can ChatGPT access with its plugins?
What does the continuous deployment of plugins in ChatGPT mean?
How can a user gain access to ChatGPT plugins?
What is the process to build a plugin for ChatGPT?
What plugins does ChatGPT currently host?
What is the ChatGPT plugins waitlist?
How does ChatGPT aim to use plugins to enhance human-AI interaction?
What real-world impacts does ChatGPT aim to study through its plugin deployment?
Who can use the initial alpha access of ChatGPT plugins?
What types of documents does the retrieval plugin for ChatGPT handle?
How does the code interpreter plugin in ChatGPT work?
What is the security measure of ChatGPT when navigating the web?
What are the features of the third-party plugins in ChatGPT?
How are the third-party plugins in ChatGPT documented?
Can developers create their own plugin for ChatGPT?
What is the manifest file used for in the ChatGPT plugins?
What organizations have contributed plugins to ChatGPT?

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