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Emotional support via customizable chatbot.
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Hana is an AI companion that provides conversation, advice, and emotional support 24/7. It is designed to be a customizable and interactive chatbot that can respond to a wide range of emotions and topics.

Hana also features a memory retention system that allows it to remember previous conversations, making the flow of conversation smoother. In terms of security, Hana uses OpenSSL and AES-256-CBC cipher to encrypt all conversations, ensuring user privacy.

Additionally, Hana offers web search capabilities for users who want to look up information during conversations. Hana is not limited to a specific platform but is currently available on Telegram and planning to expand to other platforms.

Hana is available in four different subscription levels, each with varying levels of features and benefits. The first and most basic subscription, "Neophyte," includes 10,000 free neuros with customizable personality, encrypted conversations, and web search capabilities.

The following levels are "Trailblazer," "Singularity," and "Singularity Plus," with each offering additional features such as longer memory retention, interactive conversations, access to Hana's inner thoughts, and priority support.

Overall, Hana is an AI tool that aims to provide users with a companion-like experience. Its customizable personality allows users to tailor Hana to their preferences, while its ability to remember previous conversations helps maintain continuity in the chat.

With its unique features and subscription levels, Hana offers a unique and comprehensive companion experience that users can customize to their needs and preferences.

Your Hana was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbot personality
Memory retention feature
OpenSSL and AES-256-CBC encryption
Web search capabilities
Cross-platform accessibility
Subscription levels offer scalability
Interactive multimedia responses
Longer memory with subscriptions
Access to bot's inner thought
Priority support at premium level
Access to beta features
Portable messaging feature
Friendly conversation style
Personalized check-up messages
Can remember long-term conversations
Refillable neuros for messaging
Romance concept unlocked in tiers
Periodic companion messages feature
Preview upcoming features on higher levels


Requires paid subscription
Expanded features cost more
Limited to Telegram currently
Requires 'Neuros' to send messages
Limited memory in basic subscription
No open API mentioned
Many features still in development
Singularity subscription expensive
Requires user adjustment (personality)
No implied multi-language support

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