Conversations 08 Mar 2023
Chat Worm
Customizable chatbot with prompt response times.

Generated by ChatGPT

Chatworm is an AI tool that offers a cost-effective solution for those who require an AI assistant for chatting. Users can access ChatGPT API directly through Chatworm, resulting in faster responses from the AI assistant.

Additionally, users can customize their chat experience by changing the model of the AI assistant according to their preferences. The default model used by Chatworm has a randomness of 0.8.

With Chatworm, users can chat with the AI assistant even during periods when ChatGPT may not be working. Chatworm ensures that users receive faster responses without experiencing the usual delays and restrictions on the number of requests in 1 hour.

Furthermore, users can get an API key to access Chatworm at no cost. In summary, Chatworm offers a reliable and customizable solution for those in need of an AI assistant for chatting, with direct access to the ChatGPT API and the option to tailor their chat experience to their preferences.


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