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Efficient content discovery and filtering.
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Poe is an AI-powered mobile application designed to make digital content consumption easier and more efficient. It is available as an iOS app, with an Android version in the works.

The app uses AI technology to help users discover content they are interested in and filter out irrelevant or unwanted content. It also allows users to customize their content feeds based on their preferences.

Additionally, the app provides personalized recommendations and notifications, allowing users to stay up to date with their interests. Privacy is also a priority for Poe, as the app requires users to enable Javascript and refresh the page in order to continue using it.


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Feb 17, 2024
They recently changed to a “point based system” where free users get 3000 daily point. Subscribers get 100,000,000 points monthly plus the 3000 daily. Each model has a wide range of costs. Some are cheap and some are more expensive. There is no longer unlimited messages for subscribers. It has since sparked an outrage among the community with many ending their subscriptions and moving away from Poe.

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Pros and Cons


Efficient content discovery
Content filtering capabilities
Customizable content feeds
Personalized recommendations
Personalized notifications
Prioritizes privacy
iOS app available
Android version coming soon
Waiting list for updates
Requires Javascript for added security


iOS only
Requires Javascript
Lacks Android version
Mandatory page refresh
Minor customization options
Possible notification overload
Privacy concerns not addressed
No desktop version
Unknown content source vetting
Limited user interface control


What is Poe's main function?
How does Poe help you discover relevant content?
Can you customize your content feed with Poe?
Does Poe offer personalized recommendations?
Are there any measures taken by Poe to ensure user privacy?
In what ways does Poe filter out irrelevant or unwanted content?
Is Poe available as an Android app or coming soon?
What does Poe require to enable for its usage?
Is Poe just an app or a chatbot as well?
What kind of AI technology is used in Poe?
How does the Poe app help users stay up to date with their interests?
Is Poe available globally?
How often does Poe send personalized notifications?
Does Poe work in offline mode?
Does Poe offer any functionality to save interesting content for later?
Is there any subscription model for Poe app?
Where can I download the Poe iOS app from?
Can I join a waiting list for the Android version of Poe?
Does Poe provide category-based content filtering?
Who can I contact if I encounter problems with the Poe app?

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