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Personalized guidance from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.
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AskGaryVee AI is an AI tool that provides personalized advice based on the insights and experiences of entrepreneur and marketer, Gary Vaynerchuk. The tool incorporates a database of 321 videos from the #AskGaryVee YouTube playlist, as well as selected episodes from the Gary Vee Experience, to ensure comprehensive coverage of Gary's advice.The AI is designed to comprehend Gary's advice and understand him as an individual, enabling it to respond to user questions in the most authentic and informative way possible, including the use of Gary's signature "F Bombs."Users can interact with the AI by speaking to it for a period of two minutes, in any language, and receive responses in their own language.

The AI then processes the question, identifies important elements, and assesses the user's emotions to provide a tailored answer.In terms of privacy, personal information of users is not shared, and full question transcripts are not disclosed.

However, questions and responses are made public and come with a sharable URL.The motivation behind the creation of AskGaryVee AI is to offer users access to the insights and mentorship of successful business minds, and specifically Gary Vaynerchuk.

The developer, Mark Campbell, is passionate about sharing the value he gained from creating this AI tool, and believes that others can benefit from it as well.AskGaryVee AI is currently in development, with the aim of involving Gary Vaynerchuk himself in the process and potentially gaining his endorsement.

Users can join the waitlist to be notified once the application is ready.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized advice
Uses 321 video database
Understands Gary Vaynerchuk's responses
Real-time interaction
Supports any language
Processes user emotions
Privacy of personal data
All interactions are public
Sharable interaction URL
Provides mentorship
Waitlist feature for users
Comprehends extensive advice content
Processes and identifies query importance
Can recognize user's sentiments
Constant improvement in development
Likely celebrity endorsement
Translates audio to text
Removes user audio after use
Users own the data
Allows data removal
90% development completion


In development stage
Relies on Gary's endorsement
Limited to two-minute interactions
Public questions and responses
No privacy for queries
Language translation accuracy?
Only based on 321 videos
Unpredictable 'F Bomb' usage
Unable to handle complex queries
Single source of advice


What is the AskGaryVee AI?
How does AskGaryVee AI work?
How comprehensive is the advice provided by AskGaryVee AI?
How authentic is the advice from AskGaryVee AI?
What languages does AskGaryVee AI support?
How long can I speak to AskGaryVee AI?
How does AskGaryVee AI assess emotions while providing answers?
What is the privacy policy of AskGaryVee AI?
Why was the AskGaryVee AI created?
Who is the developer of AskGaryVee AI?
Is the advice from AskGaryVee AI endorsed by Gary Vaynerchuk himself?
How can I join the AskGaryVee AI waitlist?
What can I expect from the AskGaryVee AI responses?
How does AskGaryVee AI handle questions?
What does the AskGaryVee AI do with my voice recording?
Can I remove my questions from AskGaryVee AI?
When will the AskGaryVee AI application be ready?
Is there a possibility for a one-on-one chat with Gary via AskGaryVee AI?
Can I take my data from AskGaryVee AI?
Is AskGaryVee AI the actual Gary Vaynerchuk?

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