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Memory recall and information retrieval.
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ChatGPT for Me is an AI tool powered by OpenAI GPT-4 and offered by Rewind AI, which enables users to get help in recalling past events or knowledge. It works by sending relevant text-based data, and none of the audio, image or video files, to the cloud before generating answers to the user's queries.

ChatGPT for Me can help the user in many tasks such as remembering recent events, jogging their memory, finding relevant information despite not knowing exact keywords, or getting context about upcoming events.

This AI tool is available in preview and is prioritized for Rewind Pro customers, and users can join a waitlist to get access to this tool. Moreover, privacy is maintained in this tool by only sending relevant text-based data and not storing any data sent to the cloud.

When an answer is provided, ChatGPT for Me also includes direct links to the sources of information that shaped the response. Overall, ChatGPT for Me by Rewind AI is a great tool that can offer users an almost perfect memory by helping them recall information from the past.


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ChatGPT for Me was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Text-based data processing
No audio, image or video files used
Prioritizes privacy
Doesn't store any sent data
Past events recall
Conversations memory recall
Can find relevant information without exact keywords
Context retrieval for upcoming events
Answer includes direct links to sources
Helps in remembering recent events
Prioritized for Rewind Pro customers
Join the waitlist for access
Jogs memory for past tasks
Helps recall from multiple information sources
Local search for relevant moments
Direct links to recorded data as sources


No multimedia data processing
Prioritized for Pro customers
Limited early access slots
Requires waitlist for access
No offline mode
Dependent on cloud services
Exclusively text-based interaction
No real-time conversation feature
Lack of detailed privacy config
No API integration


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What kind of tasks can ChatGPT for Me help me with?
Which customers have priority when it comes to accessing ChatGPT for Me?
Does ChatGPT for Me store any data in the cloud?
Does ChatGPT for Me ensure user privacy?
Does ChatGPT for Me provide sources of information in its responses?
How effective is ChatGPT for Me in finding relevant information?
What kind of information can ChatGPT for Me provide about upcoming events?
Can anyone use ChatGPT for Me?
How can I join the waitlist for ChatGPT for Me?
Is there any cost associated with using ChatGPT for Me?
Can ChatGPT for Me help me remember things I did recently?
How does ChatGPT for Me compare to other AI tools?
Can ChatGPT for Me help me find information even if I don't know the exact keywords?

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