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Epsilon is an AI tool designed to facilitate academic research by providing faster access to relevant information and generating summaries with citations from the academic literature.

With Epsilon, users can start an inquiry by asking a question related to their work, and the tool will identify and retrieve the top related papers to answer the query.

Epsilon then utilizes the content from these papers to provide comprehensive answers to the user's question, while also providing citations to relevant passages.

The main objective of Epsilon is to streamline the research process, enabling researchers to save time and effort by quickly accessing pertinent information and generating concise summaries.

By leveraging its AI capabilities, Epsilon offers an efficient solution for researchers seeking to gain insights from vast amounts of academic literature.

As a research tool, Epsilon aims to enhance the productivity and efficiency of researchers by eliminating the need for manual search and summarization of academic papers.

By automating the process of finding relevant papers and extracting and citing pertinent information, Epsilon enables researchers to focus their attention on analyzing and synthesizing the obtained material, ultimately aiding in the progression of their research projects.


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May 3, 2024
It made my life so easy! It used to take me days sometimes to find the right information, tediously reading through papers to find the relevant data. Epsilon automated the entire process for me. Now, I find the relevant information in just a couple searches

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