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Assists with MLA and APA citations.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Need help with MLA or APA citations? Just ask!
Sample prompts:
How do I cite a book in APA format?
Can you create an MLA citation for a website?
What's the MLA format for citing a journal article?
I need an APA citation for a book chapter.
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CitationGPT is a super-effective tool that functions as a GPT designed to help users with their citation needs. Its primary goal is to assist users in creating citations by adhering to MLA and APA formats.

These formats are predominantly used in academic work, research papers, and scholarly articles, and CitationGPT offers both students and researchers a simpler solution to developing citations correctly.

It's an intuitive tool that operates on a question-response basis, allowing you to input a query about generating a citation and providing an appropriate response.

Queries can range from how to cite a book in APA format to creating an MLA citation for a website. It's also equipped to guide users through the process of citing a journal article in MLA format or generating an APA citation for a book chapter.

Through CitationGPT, users have a streamlined and easy-to-understand process of developing meticulous citations for their works in either the MLA or APA formats.


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