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Improved code refactoring in Visual Studio Code.
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OpenRefactor AI is a Visual Studio Code extension that allows developers to leverage the power of AI to refactor their code. With this tool, users can select a piece of code and use OpenAI to perform complex refactors on any programming language with the help of Language Model Libraries (LLMs).The extension provides an easy and precise way to refactor code according to the developer's instructions.

Users can save their refactoring instructions for future use.OpenRefactor AI has a roadmap that includes supporting refactoring across multiple files and improving progress indication using a stream response.To use the tool, users need to install the extension from the Visual Studio Code marketplace and set their OpenAI API key.

After setting the API key, developers can select the code they want to refactor, open the Command Palette, and choose the refactoring option. They will be prompted to provide refactoring instructions.

During the refactoring process, a progress bar in the status bar will indicate the progress and notify the user when it's complete.It's important to note that OpenRefactor AI requires an OpenAI API key, which can be obtained by signing up for an account on the OpenAI website.Overall, OpenRefactor AI is a valuable tool for developers who want to use AI technology to enhance their code refactoring process within the Visual Studio Code IDE.


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Pros and Cons


Integrated with Visual Studio Code
Refactors multiple programming languages
Uses Language Model Libraries
High precision refactoring
Saves refactoring instructions
Future support multiple files refactoring
Improving progress indication
Command Palette for easy refactoring
Progress bar in the status bar
Refactor according to developer's instructions
Detailed extension settings
Community contribution availability
MIT License
Active roadmap for future enhancements
Downloadable extension
Refactor with simple commands


Limited to Visual Studio
Manual instruction input required
Lacks multiple file refactoring
Progress indication needs improvement
No built-in error detection
Cannot work offline
Installation from VSC marketplace required
No automatic refactoring templates
Limited community support


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How do I use OpenRefactor AI to refactor my code?
What does the progress bar in the OpenRefactor AI show?
Can I save my refactoring instructions in OpenRefactor AI for future use?
What are some future updates in the roadmap for OpenRefactor AI?
Can I report issues with OpenRefactor AI?
Can I contribute to the development of OpenRefactor AI?
What kind of license does OpenRefactor AI uses?
What is Language Model Libraries (LLMs) in the context of OpenRefactor AI?
How does OpenRefactor AI enhance my code refactoring process?
Are there plans to support refactoring across multiple files in OpenRefactor AI?
What steps do I need to follow to set the OpenAI API key for OpenRefactor AI?
What happens after I select the code and provide the refactoring instructions in OpenRefactor AI?
What does OpenRefactor AI do on selecting the refactoring option?
Why is improved progress indication using a stream response included in the roadmap for OpenRefactor AI?

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