Code reviews 2022-11-06
Exhaustive code analysis for secure automated reviews.
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Codiga is an AI-powered static code analysis tool that can be used in any development environment, including VS Code, JetBrains, VisualStudio, GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.

It provides customizable static code analysis with secure code analysis, automated code reviews, and code snippets.The static code analysis feature allows users to create their own static code analysis rules in 5 minutes and works with rules from the Codiga Hub.

It also offers automated code fixes for vulnerabilities and coding issues in a single click. Additionally, it offers security-focused code analysis with support for OWASP 10, MITRE CWE and SANS/CWE Top 25.In addition, Codiga offers automated code reviews with support for more than 12 languages and 1800+ rules for 12+ languages.

It also provides multi-branches support and works with the most popular languages and libraries.Lastly, Codiga offers code snippets which can be used to create and share smart code snippets with the world or with your team.

It allows users to create code snippets in a click and share private code snippets with the team. It also provides access to a large collection of code snippets available in the IDE.

Codiga was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Exhaustive code analysis
Compatible with various environments
Customizable static code analysis
Automated code fixes
Security-focused code analysis
Support OWASP 10, MITRE CWE, SANS/CWE Top 25
Support for 12+ languages
Multi-branches support
Automated code reviews
Code snippets feature
Private code snippets sharing
Large code snippets collection
Works in IDEs, CI/CD pipelines
User-created analysis rules
Automated security fixes
Detects leaked secrets
Infrastructure code analysis
Fast code feedback
Supports popular languages and libraries
Compatible with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket
IDE plugin support
Git Hooks integration
Detects issues in real-time
Historical analysis of errors
Automated code review
Checks pull request for violations
Detects long and complex functions
Supports popular languages and libraries
Shows overall code violations
Displays duplicates, long and complex functions


Limited language support
Requires Node.js for setup
5-minute rule creation might be too quick
Limited security analysis
Doesn't offer dynamic analysis
Limited custom rule creation
Only supports certain IDEs and platforms
Not explicitly SOC-2 Compliant
No real-time, continuous monitoring


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Can I use Codiga for multi-branch support?
What are the code snippets feature in Codiga?
How do I share private code snippets with my team using Codiga?
Can I access a large collection of code snippets in my IDE with Codiga?
What type of security focused code analysis does Codiga offer?
What are Codiga's pricing options?
Can Codiga detect leaked secrets in my code?
Can Codiga be integrated with CI/CD pipelines?
Can Codiga work with GitLab and Bitbucket?
What type of automated security fixes does Codiga offer?
What platforms does Codiga support?


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