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Automated code review recommendations and feedback.
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Coderbuds is an AI-powered code review tool designed to streamline the code review process and provide feedback to developers. It uses AI to provide an automated code review of pull requests (PRs) to identify any potential issues and provide recommendations on how to improve the code.

It integrates with GitHub, Teams, and Slack to alert developers to any new PRs, as well as providing notifications on the status of the AI code review.

Coderbuds is suitable for teams of any size and is priced at $20USD per month, per repository. It can handle PRs up to 200 lines of code and if a PR is too large, the team will be notified.

Coderbuds is developed and maintained by Elliot Taylor, a DevOps, AI and product specialist.


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Coderbuds was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated code review recommendations
Streamlines code review process
Integrates with GitHub
Teams and Slack integration
Alerts for new PRs
Notifications on review status
Handles PRs up to 200 lines
Unlimited code reviews
$20USD per month, per repository
14-day refund policy
Secure processing environment
Does not store code
Provides code summary and recommendations
Ability to trigger review directly
Evaluation based on PR description & code
Can handle large PRs


Limited to 200 lines PRs
No large PRs support
Only compatible with GitHub
No multi-platform support
Expensive per repo pricing
Single developer maintenance
Potential unavailability due to overload
No local install option
Lack of deep learning explanation
PR trigger manually


What is Coderbuds and how does it work?
How does Coderbuds use AI in the code review process?
What platforms does Coderbuds integrate with?
Can Coderbuds handle pull requests of any size?
What happens if a pull request is too large for Coderbuds to handle?
How does Coderbuds alert developers to new pull requests?
How much does Coderbuds cost?
Is the Coderbuds pricing based on the number of repositories?
What happens if I'm not satisfied with Coderbuds?
Who developed and maintains Coderbuds?
Is my code secure with Coderbuds?
What kind of notifications does Coderbuds provide during the code review process?
How can I trigger a code review with Coderbuds?
What kind of recommendations does Coderbuds provide in the code review?
How can I get started with Coderbuds?
Does Coderbuds support platforms other than GitHub?
What happens if I prefer my team to handle code reviews instead of using Coderbuds?
What does the integration with Teams and Slack entail?
How does Coderbuds decide whether to approve a pull request or not?
Can Coderbuds handle really large pull requests?

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